City of Orange working through installation of Wayfinder signs and butterfly benches

Published 6:24 am Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Concrete footers should be finished today, with installation beginning Friday for a $100,000-plus sign installation project across the City of Orange.

Director of Planning Kelvin Knauf said in all 11 wayfinder signs that are 12-feet tall and 7-feet wide will be installed using hotel/motel tax revenue.

The project is expected to cost $105,963.

They are being installed at Sunset Park, on Stark Foundation property at 16th Street and Park Avenue, at City Hall, at Lions Den Park by MacArthur Drive, at old City Hall, on Stark Foundation property on Green Avenue near the old First Baptist Church and on Simmons Drive across from Riverside Pavilion.

“The wayfinder signs inform locals and tourists where the different facilities are, like the Lutcher Theater, Museum of Art, Shangri La Gardens and city hall, the boat ramp and the pavilions,” Knauf said, adding they are similar in design and purpose of what has been seen in other cities.

He noted with funding coming from the existing hotel-motel tax, the project is being largely paid for by out-of-town visitors, which is who the effort is looking to benefit.

This is also a cooperative venture between the city and Stark Foundation, with the foundation letting city leaders use a couple of their properties for sign locations.

“These help convey the image that we are tourist-friendly to help tourists find their way to the different locations, some facilities and promote Orange as a tourist area,” Knauf said. “It also helps our local residents, especially our newer residents, who may not be aware of where these facilities are.”

Each size with have the same shape.

A butterfly bench is seen outside city hall in Orange. (Courtesy photo)


City of Orange leaders are also in the process of finished a 14-part butterfly bench installation project.

This expenditure is funded by Orange’s beautification funds, which were approved by the city council in 2023.

Benches are or will be located at Northway Park, Sunset Park (two), city hall, Navy Park, public works building on 8th Street, Orange Public Library, Orange Police Department and Cove Recreation Area (three).

In addition, the Stark Foundation purchased three butterfly benches that have been installed at Stark Park.

Of the 14 benches in the original design, three still need to be installed.

The butterfly bench name reflect their style, as each looks like a butterfly.