CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Start with the seasons and enjoy these unique options

Published 12:02 am Monday, April 15, 2024

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Chef Carly starts with the seasons.

Something good is always in season when Chef Carly Oubre is cooking. She looks for produce at its peak first off.

“That’s how I start to plan my menus,” said this foodie from Chic Chef Catering.

Her bites are often featured at Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center events.

Those at the recent unveiling of a Texaco Oklahoma model started with kale.

The Port of Port Arthur and Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce sponsored a luncheon that also featured creole honey mustard pork loin and smoked gouda mashed potatoes.

I call kale the star, though. An oversized platter featuring dark, leafy kale dotted with dried cranberries and raisins had a secret punch.

Feta and citrus vinaigrette highlighted Asian-inspired flavors of gochujang and miso.

Back off, kale haters. This could win you over.

Oubre said there’s “never a lack of seasoning” in her menus.

Her presentation helped set the mood for memories to ensure those who died during the Texaco Oklahoma ship tragedy will be remembered.

The ship left Port Arthur on March 22, 1971, with 44 souls, headed to Boston. The vessel broke in half March 27 and went down March 29 with 31 men. Only 13 survived.

Blanket – Mom, can I have more invert sugar syrup?


There’s no high-fructose corn syrup involved. Like so many better-for-you products, the Carter Family’s mom needed to eat better.

Blanket Pancakes & Syrup was born.

Clean and simple real food is what they aim for in several varieties of pancake and waffle mix. I made some great ones over a week and couldn’t pick a favorite. The syrup, labeled that it tastes good naturally, pours golden and thick for breakfast and beyond.

Try it on baked sweet potato, ice cream and biscuits. gets the mixes from North Carolina to you. I didn’t see why it’s called blanket, but they make me warm all over.

Chocolate, But… – If someone told you to wash your mouth out, and  you used SuperMouth Super Chocolate MouthWash, it could go either way. This could sound so weird you choose the soap instead.

If you’re a thrill seeker like me, or maybe a kid, you’d want to try it. It’s pretty cool.

This company’s “mouthwash squad” is saving the day from bad breath with pH-alkalizing mouthwash to keep your healthy bacteria ready for an overall “healthier oral microbiome.”

With nature-inspired flavors of washes and pastes and fun tongue scrapers, the dental hygiene part of your kids’ nightly routine can improve at first taste and sight. Hydroxamin™ is the super patent-pending formula included to naturally whiten and serve as a fluoride option.

Chocolate tastes like adventures and memories. Strawberry, mint and vanilla are at

“Authentic Interiors: Rooms that Tell Stories” – Ancestor pics. They don’t have to be your ancestors. But maybe they have to be vintage or antique… There’ that looks authentic.

If your client likes graffiti?

Work that in.

A nice leather satchel or big blue vase?

I’m in.

Remember, when it comes to home decor, your story is being told. Philip Gorrivan’s book on how to beautifully live your story of travel, cooking, collecting, etc. offers beautiful photos of rooms you want to visit.

Your own space could look a lot more like these images when you read how the rooms came together. Here’s a tip I already knew: Displaying favorite books in your home help tell your story.

“Sifting Through the Ashes” – The deadly 2018 Camp Fire in California caused times of trauma, tragedy and resilience.

Darla Gale and Alice Rodriguez share some from those who woke up not realizing their homes would be gone in a day.

How did they prepare, escape and return?

Their words tell the stories and offer lessons in how to help transitioning from victim to survivor to thriver. We often don’t know how to respond to those who need help. Here’s how to pay attention and offer appropriate feedback.

It’s okay to say you are not sure what to say! The world needs heart.

Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie changing with the seasons. Email her at