CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Yacht Rock hits the mellow spot

Published 12:08 am Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Are you familiar with the genre Yacht Rock?

Think Christopher Cross, Fleetwood Mac, Toto and Kenny Loggins. Think background music on a summer evening and think ’70s.

I’ve streamed this sound on my computer and was thrilled to fall into a party with this theme. Perfect. Captain’s gear, flowy dresses and a silent auction made this backyard pool party rock. The signature cocktail was named for Isaac, bartender on “The Love Boat.”

The event was the Preservation Bash, a benefit for the Oakes Historic District Neighborhood Association. Their mission includes recognizing and enhancing the historical and cultural importance of this area in Beaumont.

Through this bash and Homes for the Holidays, this group funds a scholarship and Little Free Libraries.

A salsa served from a pineapple was my favorite offering on a beautiful nibbles spread.

A friend of mine bid on a cruise from a Pleasure Island-based vessel.

Did I mention what a good friend she is? Hint, hint…

To learn more about the group, visit

Bigger Kitchen? – Some guy had a tiny kitchen and went upward. A Wisconsin-based warehouse is putting together StoveShelf, a stainless deal you literally magnetically click onto the back of your stove to make a handy shelf.

For what?

Some peppercorns, olive oil, etc. This guy sells glass jars for that, too. I’m keeping silicon potholders up there, too.

If you have a rounded back on your stove, little stickers can help that. It’s affordable and easy and just lovely. I know that many folks will say that oils need a dark container far away from the hot stove.

I Don’t Care.

I use that stuff all the time so it goes quickly and now I have a beautiful display. You can also get spouted oil containers and grinders that enhance your display with spicy style.

Thanks guy who thought of this. Learn more at

What’s a NATPAT? – This line of sensory stickers arrived as described. Textured patches adorned with cute animals and such, that release essential oil scents when rubbed to promote a sense of calm.

Does your kid need this?

Do you?

Turns out the Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedarwood and Lavender in Zen Stickers does help “bring zen to big emotions.”

If you’re a nail biter, hair twister or pen clicker, NATPAT can be your friend when stuck on phones, bottles, clothes, etc. Other varieties help with keeping mosquitoes away and allergies at bay. has options promoting better sleep, too.

On the Run: Hey foodies, got your step counters on?

Remember that the more you move, the more you can maybe enjoy a treat now and then? has a pair of Everyday Joggers that are very soft and stretchy and described as “insanely comfortable joggers that are stylish enough to wear all day.”

Go ahead, challenge me. From sneakers to black flats, you’re good to go in ultralight gear.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who wants to hear of your new finds. Share your tips with her at