CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Have I mentioned? Springy stuff offers mood-boosting fun.

Published 10:59 am Monday, April 1, 2024

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Every season has perks.

We love the bloom on spring.

Culinary Thrill Seekers, play with these:

FreshCut Paper – You can’t beat forever flowers that mail flat and pop up into “planters” resembling pots, jars and vases. Artistic English Daffodils are among blooms for all occasions.

They bring smiles, earth-friendly paper greetings and mangrove plantings in Madagascar. In the late ‘70s I found a pop-up card line I treasured. I can quit hoarding those… has replenished my inventory.

The Pyramid of Teas – When studying art and architecture, I’d imagined myself at a cocktail party at a Frank Lloyd Wright house. In a little black dress I’d make witty conversation. Even my glass would be curves and angles, like his work. Well, guess what! Tea Forte’s famous steeping pyramids now come in a Frank Lloyd Write collection, and you can get a tea set to go with the lot. Honey Hojicha, Spiced Herbal Mate and Ceylon Gold is in this presentation box. Style and flavor!

‘Remember when Tea Forte collaborated with The New York Botanical Garden for the botanical bliss ranging from Cucumber Mint to Raspberry Nectar, Lemon Lavender to the new Pink Papaya Nectar? It came in an artistic floral box that opened up like an Advent calendar? That was now and you can get the Mariposa Collection from

Let Me Modify — I should have tried ModifyHealth sooner. The easy+delicious+healthy combo is how we should enjoy flavorful food fuel daily.

Working toward a healthier heart or against the carbs?

Diabetes or FODMAP needs?

Going Mediterranean?

There’s a pasta with meat sauce, spicy chicken with bell pepper and sweet potato, fish options and of course, greens. Savory pot roast tastes homemade for sure and paprika salmon is part of the “better health delivered” theme. It’s BAM in microwave minutes and delivers to your door. Learn more at

Royalty Sauce! — Maybe the rich folk of old-time Aleppo and Syria decided to get their most expensive and fancy ingredients together to make a delicious sauce so the commoners would be jealous. Muhammara is dubbed the dip-sauce-spread of royalty. King me please, with another serving. Imagine a rich red sauce of walnuts, roasted red peppers, garlic, Aleppo pepper and pomegranate molasses (did you even know this existed?).

You don’t have to imagine it because Ronda’s Fine Foods sells jars of it. This made an impression at a Biblical spread I created this Easter season. This blend was “new” to people, and it was extremely good on bread and raw veggies. Feel like royalty:

In the Cold – If you didn’t think you could love coffee any more, consider the Cold Brew 360 from Vinci. A clear carafe lets you watch your mesh cylinder of 12 scoops turn clear tap water into a smooth blend. Maybe I don’t know tasting notes, but I’d say this was thick and strong enough to call a near syrup, in a very good way. I tried sweet grounds for my first try.

A little dab will do you and your overnight steep is so good over ice in the summer. It keeps for days. It’s better than adding ice to brewed coffee. Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie ready for this change of seasons. Share your tips with her at