CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Organize spices, nourishment reading and fit peanut butter

Published 9:47 am Monday, January 8, 2024

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The holidays is when I organize the spice supply. No kidding.

It’s all good for January, National Soup Month. Any little dabs go into the Cajun, Tex-Mex or other categories and go into soups, or even yogurt tips.

Estate sales find me headed to kitchens for vintage jars and shakers.

It will surprise you every time when you start processing what you’ve collected in a year.

The spice cabinet should be an appealing source of inspiration. If one place in my home looks like a magazine, it’s the spice area in my kitchen.

Serving Your Gut: Food as fuel and positive self talk may not be radical new topics, but January’s resolutions often remind us to take care of ourselves.

“Why Am I Eating This” has Sandy Robertson updating her book with a focus on nourishment. Remember to eat slowly, show gratitude, consider if you are really hungry and if a smaller portion would do.

These reminders have been serving me well as I serve myself fresh veggies.

Nuts to Baking: PB Fit has a multipurpose peanut flour-baking blend that’s a 1 to 1 swap for white AP flour that has 80 percent less fat that almond flour. I’m not a baker, but I sure wanted to try this stuff.

It cranked out one of my most attractive pancakes ever. People maybe have an expected taste for pancakes, so I think the cookie and muffins made from this stuff will be the best format for experimenting.

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Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie serving the soup in January, National Soup Month. Share your tips at