ASK A COP — Why aren’t oversized trucks towed from parking lots?

Published 1:56 pm Monday, December 18, 2023

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Police department holiday safety reminders: Please drive safe. If you plan to party with adult beverages, plan your safe transportation, as well. While shopping, be aware of your surroundings. Don’t place packages on seats, don’t carry large amounts of cash. Ladies, don’t carry a purse by hand. If possible, place on shoulder or across your body. Have keys in you hand exiting business. Park in well-lighted areas. Lastly, don’t allow ANY strangers to approach you.

Barb asks: I was trying to find a parking spot at a football event, and I guess someone thought of their big truck as being too precious to be parked next to anyone else and literally took up three parking spaces. So, of course, this forced me and at least two other motorists to find spaces further away from the event. I can’t seem to imagine why this violation was allowed at all. Shouldn’t his vehicle be towed or at least given a ticket for the parking violation?

Answer: You are certainly bringing up a subject most motorists have encountered at least one time or another — bad parking. This bad parking happens to occur at a location where hundreds, if not thousands of motorists, are seeking to park their vehicle around the same time period. Unfortunately, the police officers working the game, nor ANY police officer in the state of Texas, can cite ANY driver for bad parking and taking up more space than the one allocated space for every vehicle to park. If law enforcement was to contact the local school district and inform them of the bad parking situation, then the school district can notify the individual to park their vehicle again. Or if the school district so desires, the vehicle can be towed away. Keep in mind this is PRIVATE PROPERTY. This “bad parking” is not to be compared to police officers being able to cite (give tickets) drivers for parking in the fire lane or disabled parking spaces. I’m sure every licensed driver knows how to park on private property, but some people just don’t care about others.

John asks: I am a reader of the “Ask A Cop” article and know we should “never, never, never” go through a red light. But I was sitting at the intersection, and a fire truck came behind me just blowing its horn and lights flashing. Of course, I am aware seconds matter when someone’s life is on the line. I don’t want to be responsible for holding up a fire truck. What should I do?

Answer: The only person who can give you authority to run a red light is a POLICE OFFICER. I do agree that the fire truck behind you shouldn’t be ignored. When it’s safe, put on your turn signal and turn RIGHT to give passage to the LOUD fire truck. With that said, if you have a fire truck, police or ambulance vehicle behind you and you are driving in the left lane, “DO NOT JUST STOP IN THE LEFT LANE.” You will cause more problems than you will help. Keep in mind if you are stopped at an intersection or traveling “MOVE to the RIGHT!” This move may cause you to go off course, so after the emergency vehicle has passed, just turn around and continue on your journey.

Lee asks: I was in a discussion with some friends the other day about which color of car attracts law enforcement’s attention the most. We couldn’t agree on just one color, so we nailed it down to four colors and they are red, yellow, white and black. We thank you for all you do to keep us safe as we daily travel on the roads of Port Arthur..

Answer: I laughed when I read your question because I guess you are right in a way, because police officers are attracted to the red, yellow, white and black cars that break the law. Actually, you should include ALL colors because police officers can CARE LESS what color your car is, nor does it matter the race or sex of the driver. WE LOOK FOR VIOLATIONS! If the violator happens to be driving a red, yellow, white or black car, (green, purple, blue) so be it!

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