KATHIE’S KORNER — Enjoy your Christmas without outside pressure

Published 12:02 am Saturday, December 16, 2023

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What a wonderful, cool, sparkly time of the year!

I love the smell of fires and the fragrant wood burning, not to mention the heat for our hands and feet, as we sit on our porches or living rooms.

There’s so much to celebrate at this time; taking communion every chance we get, thanking God for being our Lord and Savior, forgiving us and giving us Eternal Life, and promises for this life on earth as we open our hearts for His Love and direction.

If you don’t have this relationship with your Heavenly Father, all you have to do is pray. He’ll come into your heart and set up housekeeping with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Just do it and have Christmas everyday.

We all hear the exhortation around us to remember what the reason for the season actually is. I will say to you to not be pressured by the time frame, presents, parties and expectations put on you from the outside.

Pressure yourself from the inside out with His peace and joy. Know that Christmas Day comes anyway and shouldn’t be a panic situation.

Enjoy your family traditions or make some new ones: a cookie, candy or an evening of driving around looking at lights on homes and buildings, or perhaps a meal with friends. I know you will think of lots of them to add to the list.

I get my Christmas decorations tub out of storage the first day of December and begin decorating for Christmas. We only have the month of December, so I want every day filled with “eye and heart candy.”

I have a tall, skinny tree in my living room, by a window, and people can see it driving down our road, from the other side of our cottage, on our deck or by the water as they zoom by in their boats.

We live on a river and enjoy seeing who are the brave and dedicated fishermen in this cool weather with their thermal, camouflage, jackets, heading out to the lake for their catch.

Our Great Dane, Candy, tries to warn and tell them to slow down (our no wake zone) as she “gallops” down the yard to the bulkhead, barking her low, loud bellowing woof, woof.

My husband, Mike, can walk out to the bulkhead dock, toss in a line and come into the kitchen with a redfish for lunch. Talk about the “catch-of-the-day.” Wow, we are so blessed.

I have a “Nutcracker” collection and enjoy taking them out and adding a new one if I find one that’s unusual and fits into the collection. This year they’re all together up on my piano, out of dog-reach, with wrapped, presents, so our Great Dane doesn’t eat them.

She’s 4-feet tall, so some items and food need to be up out of temptation.

One Great Dane we had breezed through our kitchen, snatching a pump bottle of butter off of the sink, jumping up on my bed and began chomping and squeezing butter all over a beautiful comforter and him. Yellow butter fun was everywhere, ugh.

So, enjoy your December. Ask God into your life and be at peace in your homes and workplace, giving of yourself and whatever you give to family and friends without pressure and with joy!

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Merry Christmas and a very happy, prosperous, peaceful, New Year to you all.

Kathie Deasy writes about religion for Orange Newsmedia. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.