CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Gratitude is a daily endeavor and worth it.

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Even finding pennies make my day.

This year Thanksgiving will be at a new place to our family. A relative has downsized into a complex and she’s cooking dinner.

My assignment is cranberries, and I’m recreating my mom’s relish with orange peel, jalapenos and nuts.

The turkey salt and peppershakers at my aunt’s and uncle’s house that used to intimidate as a child are proudly displayed on my own table.

With gratitude, I’m appreciating all the blessings that come to me in the way of people I know.

Now, let’s plan some holiday flavors:

Squashed — Go out of your gourd with a jar of butternut squash Zoup! I had some creamy, golden savory vegetable broth with brown butter and sage for breakfast and bam, I was in the holiday spirit. Fall leaf colors would make a fitting centerpiece with a bowl of this, or any other prepared soup or broth. delivers big jars of beef bone, chicken bone and seafood broth as a complete meal or a starter for other recipes. Bone broth is as trendy as it is ancient. A pantry full of their finished soups, such as chicken pot pie or portabella bisque, would look as fetching as decades-past display of Mason jars.

Small Batch – Pop Quiz: What small-batch, big taste red spread in a cute recyclable jar goes as good with porkchops and burgers as it does brownies?

I wouldn’t have thought of this myself, but I’m on board with the suggested uses of Small Batch Kitchen’s Cherry Bourbon Chipotle Fruit Spread.

Picture this: Brunch, and you impressing guests with the sweet, smokey “je nais sais quoi” on their French toast. However, their paring of Beet & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce must be announced to the taster beforehand.

I’m on the record for loving heat. A warning stiff from the bottle screams “beware.” Earthy, sweet and spicy are the notes, and they are LOUD. Labeling suggests chili or breakfast sandwiches.

Next time I’m adding a few drops to Greek yogurt so I’ll have a dip with cooling dairy reinforcements built right in. uses organic, close-by products to mix their magic, and they’re cutting down on shipping waste.

“101 Things to Do With An Air Fryer” offers Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash as No. 1 and Air Fryer Banana Boats as No, 101. In between Donna Kelly suggests twists and fresh ideas for this trendy appliance. Black Bean Melts is an intriguing hoagie. Try healthy options such as cheesy kale chips and some indulgences like Mexican Street Corn Dip.

Temptations, yes, but remember why you bought this air fryer. I used to dread brussels sprouts at holidays, as a kid. Now Kelly guides me through a spicy-sweet version with honey, red wine vinegar and gochujang or other thick, spicy sauce.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie planning a gumbo with soon-to-be-leftover turkey. Tell her why you’re grateful at