ASK A COP — Can you make a right hand turn into the inside lane?

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Morgan asks: Just the other day I was stopped by a cop because at an intersection, I made a right hand turn into the inside lane. I think the officer was just wanting to see me because I’m an attractive female. He didn’t give me a ticket but wrote me a warning about an improper right turn. I must admit he was NOT rude but I still think he was wrong, and was just looking for an excuse to talk to me.

Answer: Let’s just hope your reasoning for the traffic stop is wrong. Only if you were as certain about the Texas Transportation Code as you are in your looks, you would know you were dead WRONG! You made an illegal turn. The Texas Transportation Code says “To make a right turn at an intersection, an operator shall make both the approach and the turn as closely as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.” You can know it wasn’t your looks the officer was after, it was YOUR driving violation. Drive Safe!!

Officer Rickey Antoine

Ken asks: I have a girlfriend that’s visiting me from Mexico until next month. She is a very good driver and  does possess a valid driver license from Mexico. Can she legally drive while she is down here without her valid Mexico driver license? If not, can she use her passport?

Answer: The answer is No! Not at ALL! Absolutely Not! Don’t Do It! I’m sorry to inform you, but your girlfriend will need to be dependent upon you and others for transportation during her stay in Texas. Texas don’t have a reciprocity agreement with Mexico, meaning Texas has not agreed with Mexico to allow their licensed drivers to legally drive in Texas. I hope she enjoys the great state of Texas, but Ken do all of us a favor and PLEASE keep her from the wheel until she gets her Texas Driver’s License.

Lee asks: My nephew’s transmission went out in his truck and this knuckleheaded boy decided to drive the truck home in reverse. He didn’t have to go far, but I told him it was dangerous, but he just laughed. He made it home without getting in a wreck, but is it illegal to drive your vehicle in reverse on the roadway when the drive gear is out?

Answer: It appears your nephew is a very skilled driver to navigate his vehicle in reverse on the roadway to home. But it is illegal to drive in reverse when your drive gear is broken. I’m glad you were the one who sounded the trumpet (of Sense) when his actions were NONSENSE and dangerous. If your vehicle is broken, call a friend to tow you, or call a wrecker/towing service to assist you. DON’T DRIVE HOME WITH YOUR VEHICLE IN REVERSE!

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