ASK A COP — Can you always turn right on red?

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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Fran asks: The other day I was driving and several police vehicles had the lanes of travel for my direction blocked. We didn’t really know what to do, so we went around the police cars. So, of course, we were stopped by an officer, asking what are we doing. He made us turn around and go the opposite way that I needed to go. What are drivers supposed to do if the road is blocked by police cars and the other side of the street is clear?

Answer: When police officers have an area blocked off with marked units and flashing lights, ALL drivers should immediately start to make a U-turn and proceed in the opposite direction, unless you are beckoned by an police officer to proceed. By driving through police scenes, you could easily compromise the integrity of the crash or crime scene. Too often motorists become fixated on what police are doing and who’s be attended to. Police should not have to divert their attention from the scene to attend to a bypasser or bystanders who have nothing to do with the scene. It’s even illegal in the state of Texas to drive around a police barricade without prior authorization of a police officer. Next time if police units have your direction of travel blocked, simply make a U turn when it’s safe and proceed in the opposite direction!

Officer Rickey Antoine


Lenn asks: My wife ran to the store during the weekend. As it was her luck, she was stopped by a police officer for a rolling stop to a stop sign, which she probably was guilty of given the pressure she was under. With that said, she didn’t have her driver’s license on her because she was rushing out and intended on returning quickly. She told me the officer wasn’t very pleased with her not having any proper identification cards. She definitely has a driver’s license. With all of the computer equipment in police vehicles, couldn’t the officer simply run her name to see her license? She was even threatened with a ticket but he gave her a warning. Is this a ticket offense in Texas?

Answer: I’d advise you to never ever allow your wife or anyone to leave home, rushing to go run an errand, without a license because they become a danger to themselves and other motorists traveling on our roads. The state of Texas requires ALL drivers of a motor vehicle to have a current license, and must be presented upon demand from a police officer. Keep in mind the police officer more than likely didn’t know your wife, so she could have virtually given him any name. To cut out all of that, simply presenting a driver’s license cuts out the guessing. Someone else should have run the errand or driven her to the store. Most crashes occur within 2-5 miles away from the motorist’s home, which is normally where we relax because of the familiarity of our surroundings and muscle memory. Remember, your wife ran a stop sign. If a crash would have occurred and you wife was unable to communicate to first responders, who would we notify that your loved one has been in a crash? At that point, your wife’s name becomes Jane Doe. Carry your license at all times.

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