Orange 8-year-old with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension picks up high school support

Published 12:20 am Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Barrett Williams is back to playing baseball, and now the 8 year old has a bunch of cool, high school buddies cheering him on.

He was diagnosed this summer with the rare Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, which means some of the vessels in his brain leading to his eyes are narrow. Fluid doesn’t flow like it should, builds up pressure and causes vision concerns, among other issues.

“He has his ups and downs, but he’s such a strong kid and is pushing through for himself, his team and his coaches,” mother Cryslynn Wolfford said. “He has been doing well in his games for the most part, hitting the ball every time he’s at bat and getting outs playing third base. The glasses have made a difference, as well as the medications they’ve put him on, which is the best case scenario.”

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Barrett has two follow-up visits this month at Texas Children’s Hospital to see how everything is going.

When Orange Newsmedia shared his story last month, it caught the attention of the Corcoran family, who reached out looking for a way to contact Barrett to share that the Nederland High School Bulldogs baseball team wanted to do something special for him.

Wolfford said a senior on the team, Brady Corcoran, helped lead the effort.

On Tuesday, Barrett and his family gathered on the pitcher’s mound with the Nederland team after a fall scrimmage.

Barrett was presented with a goodie basket and a baseball bat signed by all of the players.

Wolfford shared that the boys kneeled around Barrett, wrapped their arms together and prayed over him, led by Brady Corcoran.

“They encouraged him to be strong and keep pushing forward,” she said. “It was the most heartfelt moment I’ve ever witnessed, and Barrett truly felt amazing after. These boys are setting wonderful examples for the youth, and they deserve all of the recognition.”

The night ended with hugs and fist bumps with the entire team.

“They also informed Barrett that he will be able to throw out the first pitch during one of their games, and Brady will be catching it for him,” Wolfford said. “The entire baseball team and their parents did the unthinkable and are truly Heaven sent for what they did for my baby.”

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Brady Corcoran said his inspiration to minister to Barrett stems from his Christianity.

He feels, as a Christian, a responsibility to help and encourage people when they are facing trials.

“God tells us in the Gospel of Mark to ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ which can apply to a lot of things and fit in a lot of different situations,” Corcoran said. “I feel like it’s important to extend the love, grace and encouragement to others that we would want in return if we were to face something as life changing.”

The high schooler said his other inspiration is Barrett.

“Even though he faces adversity and hardship at such a young age, he still continues to work hard and do his best to play a game that so many of us take for granted,” Corcoran said. “My teammates and I hope that Barrett feels encouraged by our support and belief in him.”