CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Tips for on the go, eating well and lookin’ good 

Published 9:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2023

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Hooking a cup onto your belt loop is how I imagine the Texas Renaissance Festival is best enjoyed.

Tomshoo’s titanium water cup is from another era and genre, so instead, imagine you are hiking with futuristic knights. Fold up back the handles of this lightweight baby and rule the trail. Titanium is fun to say, lightweight and durable and imparts no taste or odor to food or drink.

On a more serous note, a 1-pound camp stove at fits stylishly into your backpack or could truly upgrade your post-hurricane experience right here at home.

Your fuel is little twigs. We need this. All the sleek parts cleverly stack into a mesh bag and you’re on the move again.

Hats off to the camping community for designing these options.

Yonanas and You – I’m guessing fewer than half of you reading this realize that running frozen bananas through a blending machine churns out something close to ice cream as we know it.

Yonanas is the thing you need. Glide a ‘nanna down the tube and it comes out smooth and cool, like ice cream. But what you get is much more healthy. And you can create your own blends topped with nuts, seeds, chocolate, berries and other fruits.

If you see Yonanas in action, it is likely you will immediately yearn for one and have no rest until you are enjoying a dish of cool yum. Berries make your blend pink like you’re in a Barbie movie.

The booklet has a recipe involving multiple fruits and textures, graham crackers, cones, coconut and … just keep going.

Does something with white wine and strawberries have any appeal?

Blend away.

But know this: the secret is a 7-10 minute fruit thaw before going Yonanas treatment. Learn more at

Bliss in a bar – You know that church song inviting us to taste and see the goodness of the Lord?

I imagine this when enjoying a Taste & Bliss Coconut Cashew Nut Bar. It tastes indulgent but NouveauSweet trademarked syrup keeps it at 230 calories of crunchy “mmmmm” that makes you feel as though you are on a tropical vacation.

Check it out at

Shades by Shan – This founder juggles a full life and looks great doing it. Colors named for edibles, give a natural feel to the Berry Nude eye shadow palette with Honey Peach, Tangerine, Agave and Brown Sugar.

The MamaBerries Nonprofit Foundation supports single moms. It’s all connected to the makeup. But First, Lips in Jess is a lovely mauvy family matte liquid lipstick with matching lip liner.

A plus, with all this excessive heat, it won’t melt in your purse. Shan wants to empower you. How can you help?

Learn more at

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