CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Try these options for tailgaters who like the heat

Published 6:50 am Monday, August 28, 2023

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It’s been determined I don’t know much about sports, but you can still invite me to your tailgate.

Snacks and heat are this week’s topic. That’s pepper heat, not this year’s excessive heat.

So “bae” means sweetheart as in Before Anyone Else. “Sauce Bae” is as funny a name for a sauce as “Damn, Man” is for snacks.

You can like it funny, but these are “good and funny.”

Yee Haw – Tailgating?

Bring a box of man stuff. That’s the Roasted Memphis BBQ Almonds and Spicy Smokie Beef Sticks that are stars of the Damn, Man offering Snacks Guys Love in the Cowboy Starter Kit.

What does this starter lead to, more sweet, meaty, cheesy goodness sold to you by manly, bearded, muscled men who are probably more than models.

They’ve got to love these snacks, too. It’s clever, humorous packaging for really good food.

Listen to these “tasting notes” promoting the cowboy kit: “The prairie sky is wide and high with the many flavors of the south and you’ll be feeling the freedom of the open terrain when you crack open this box of snacks fit for a cowboy.”

Laugh a little then gobble it up at

Sauce Bae – Hot sauce could be an addiction down south.

If you’re willing to trust a guy whose health steered him to create Sauce Bae with anti-inflammatory turmeric, pineapple and habanero with his New Jersey Sauce, then enjoy. I did.

Y’all know I love the heat and often I don’t feel the “kick” that knocks others out.

Sauce Bae made me deliver a single hiccup. Yes, sir, I felt it. This version has less sodium, too. is a clever site showing how hip the heat gets.

They are “Souper!” – Update on Souper Cubes trays. I still love them and they freeze food so well. Pop out smaller servings from silicon trays that feel superior to handle.

Speaking of handles, the line has a “No Mess Utensil Set” spoon and ladle with a balanced curve so that they hang on the side of your pot. Really, and the thick, food-grade silicone handle keeps a cool grip.

Creators have their own story, and Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner has her name on these utensils.

Seriously, look up this site for ideas from banana treats to freezing your own breastmilk —

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