ASK A COP — Do you stop for a school bus with flashing lights but no stop sign?

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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Diedra asks: If there’s a school bus that has its red flashing lights activated but the stop sign is not out yet, do we have to stop for the school bus?

Answer: Now that most school buses are equipped with red stop sign and red flashing lights, the operator of the bus should display both when stopping to pick up or drop off children. But caller in this case saw the red flashing lights, which will be enough for any motorist to abide by the law to stop. We are supposed to stop, whether the red lights are flashing, the red stop sign is out or if both are activated simultaneously. My motto is when in doubt about stopping for a school bus, always STOP. You can’t hurt by stopping when you can go, but you surely can cause a great deal of hurt by going when you should have stopped.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Brandi asks: My husband and I are always getting into a disagreement when he drives, because he doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the white line at an intersection. Help us once and for all settle this dilemma. He always stops over the white line. What is the white line at an intersection for?

Answer: The solid white line at intersections seems to be a law in Texas that’s often overlooked, whether knowingly or unknowingly. There’s actually a reason and law for why the white lines are at intersections. The white line at an intersection is a STOP line, where motorists should STOP behind the white line. Motorists shouldn’t be stopped on any part of the solid white stop line, but behind it. Of course, the white line is at intersections for safety reasons to allow safe passage for pedestrians crossing the road, and for vehicles turning your direction to safely turn in the appropriate lane. If your husband is stopping on or beyond the white stop line at intersections, he definitely is in violation of a state law in Texas.

Faye asks: I’m confused about solid single and double white lines on the roadway. My friend crossed a double white line, and she said her action was legal. What’s the deal with single and double white lines on the roadway?

Answer: It appears many motors in Southeast Texas and the state are confused about the legality of the single and double white lines on the roadway. I only say that because of continuous violations of the double white lines I’ve noticed. There is no violation for crossing a single solid white line, but if you cross that line and a crash occurs, you would more than likely be the “at fault” vehicle. A single solid white line is a guide to traffic flowing. The double white solid lines are a different story. If you are caught crossing over a double white line, you can be issued a citation (ticket) because it is a violation in the State of Texas to cross over a DOUBLE white lines.

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