Top administrator Dr. Alicia Sigee finds true passion in West Orange

Published 12:20 am Friday, August 4, 2023

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West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District leaders recently named one of their own, Dr. Alicia Sigee, Administrator of the Year.

She began her journey with West Orange as an assistant principal but now serves as the director of student services, as well as the coordinator of the academic alternative center.

Recently celebrating her 10th year with the district, she says she’s found her sweet spot.

“This is the best place; I will stay here until I decide I don’t want to be in education anymore,” Sigee said.

Her job entails “all things students,” overseeing the 20-something programs West Orange has in place for its students.

That includes 504, SPED, gifted and talented, and the list continues. Her job description does not stop there; she also oversees staff and the alternative education center. Making sure the students and staff have everything they need to succeed is her mission.

Sigee hopes her passion continues to push her to learn and grow, but most of all continues to allow her to help the students she encounters.

Sigee said she always dreamt of being a teacher. She says the thing about her job that inspires her the most is the students. Seeing them develop new perspectives and grow is what keeps her passion growing.

Being named administrator of the year was unexpected.

She said, as a person who does not enjoy being in the spotlight, that she was “totally dumbfounded” by the award. But that it meant so much to Sigee that her colleges and bosses thought that much of her.

When asked what she seeks to achieve this year, Sigee hopes she can lead more programs for the community to promote the importance of learning amongst the children and their families.

— Written by Nicolette Stoma