Orange County resident opens custom soda shop on main street

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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VIDOR — Natalie Briggs opened “Fixxology,” a custom soda shop franchise that originated in Idaho and Utah, on Main Street in Vidor.

The shop is located across from Walmart.

Briggs, of Vidor, renovated an older home with a drive-through for in-and-out service and a parking lot for indoor dining. Fixxology is open Mondays through Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I bought the property before I knew what the business was going to be,” Briggs said. “But when I attended my niece’s wedding in Idaho, I visited the Fixxology and thought it was adorable and cute. The opportunity to buy a franchise was available, and I knew Vidor did not have anything like it. The items on the menu are desirable especially during the hot months.”

The franchise was founded by Becca Madsen, whose mission is to encourage networking and support within communities.

“The culture of Fixxology is spreading happiness,” said Madsen, co-founder & owner of three Fixxology locations. “We see the joy this business brings to our family and our local communities, and we want to spread that culture and experience to other families and communities.”

When you take care of your community, they take care of you, Madsen said.

“We’re all about helping each other,” she said. “From the owners and our employees to our customers, we’re in business to improve people’s lives, to make people’s days a little bit better and to realize our own individual goals.

When you franchise with Fixxology, becoming a part of your community is essential, she said.

Pictured, from left, are Becca Madsen, co-founder of Fixxology franchise; Natalie Briggs, owner of Fixxology in Vidor; and Natasha Ireland, franchise developer from Utah. (Sierra Kondos/Special to the Leader)

“Our franchise owners are encouraged to get involved with everything that happens in their communities,” she said. “We found that this level of engagement and enthusiasm brings people to our locations and creates a relationship where people are excited to support our local business because we have become friends.”

When customers become your friends – that’s where the magic happens, Madsen said.

“You truly get to know them, look forward to their return and care about them,” she said. “It’s such an amazing experience to own a business that allows you to become a vital part of people’s lives. When our customers show up, they’re treated with kindness, respect and affection. It’s this level of customer service that fosters loyalty, and ultimately, drives sales.”

The franchise colors are fun, bright and light to make people feel happy, Briggs said.

Although there are rules to follow with franchises, each owner can put their spin on the designs.

Each store set up is a little different, but the front counter is going to have white shiplap with the colors throughout the store.

“If you were to go out of town and say, ‘oh my gosh, I need to get a mixology and get my drink today,’” Briggs said. “If you walk in and you just kind of feel like you’re in the same place no matter where you go. Never no matter which location you go to.”

The menu offers 50 drinks with a build your own option.

“You can create your own and order a 44-ounce Dr. Pepper, add pina colada syrup to it in vanilla cream,” Briggs said.

The menu also includes food items that range from fresh popcorn, pretzels and hotdogs to cookies, ice cream and Italian ice.

Briggs offers soft pretzels that you can get with coarse salt and a nacho cheese to dip it in or a cinnamon sugar pretzel with a cream cheese icing to dip.

“We have a hot dog called ‘Mad Dog,’ and it includes pickles, beer, banana peppers, a secret sauce that we put on top of it crushed wrap a potato chip,” Briggs said.

“Our goal is to put a smile on every customer’s face at every visit. By developing a culture of warmth, friendliness, and support in the shops, we are rewarded with the support of our community in return.”

Fixxology is located at 1455 N. Main Street in Vidor.

— Written by Sierra Kondos