CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Are your friends easily entertained? The tips are here.

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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Will You Entertain These Ideas?

If you can’t pronounce charcuterie, try a Mezze Platter for the “mingling hour.” An arrangement of olives, cucumbers, hummus, etc. is just right for informal entertaining on the patio, or “lazy” entertaining, as Dawna Pitts calls it.

Boy, would I like to be invited to one of her lazy parties. But the fancy ones, perhaps with can-can dancers, sound good, too.

Get her tips on everything from recipes to lighting in “Entertaining Is My Love Language,” which has enough ideas for social calendars to the end of my happy days.

She includes one of my fav place card ideas, writing names in metallic pen on sleek, green magnolia leaves.

Her book itself could become a centerpiece. She described a display of cookbooks and peacock feathers as a theme. Entertaining is a world where being yourself helps others relax and everybody wins.

Meals Parasites Hate — Hey kids! Dinner is ready and it is Intestinal Parasite-Cleaning Soup. What?

But it has clove powder and pumpkin seed garnish!

While Dr. Christina Rahm’s “Cure the Causes Cookbook” could be a target for junk food lovers, readers should hopefully know eating right helps us feel better.

Think kale is not your friend? Just try something different for a change.

The soup title above could be daunting. I’m much more likely to enjoy a colon cleansing number called The Detox Salad Our Gut Will Love featuring raw cabbage cayenne and hemp seeds.

Green Eggs involves kale and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. Then there’s Stuffed Cucumber Salad. A boiled potato is part of the mixture that goes into a scooped-out cucumber.

Other foods that can help you: Sauerkraut to develop the digestive tract’s boundary work; turmeric in a smooth soup for rheumatoid joint pain; green tea for irritation; and broccoli to help reduce autoimmune diseases.

Recipes include bone broth for stovetop or Instant Pot, Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup; and Orange Radish Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette.

The Viral Slayer begins with 6 New Mexico chilies. Aren’t you willing to try something new for a whole new you?

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who loves being entertained. Email her at