ASK A COP — Can I wait for payday to fix light after ticket?

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Ken asks: If I get a ticket on a Monday for one of my lights being out. I don’t get paid until Friday, so I’m unable to make the necessary repair immediately. Can I continue to drive the car and just keep the ticket I’ve already received as proof that I’ve already been ticketed in case I’m stopped again?

Answer: I’ve heard of this scenario a time or two before. I can’t guarantee this procedure will work and if I was you I would NOT chance it. Because it’s your responsibility to correct the problem or park the vehicle. If you’re issued a citation (ticket) by a police officer for an equipment violation in Texas, it is your responsibility to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. If they can’t be made, you shouldn’t continue to operate that vehicle until such repairs are made. Think about it this way. If you’re traveling for lunch and you’re stopped and cited by a police officer for speeding, and when you get off only hours later, you’re speeding again, will producing the prior citation to the police officer stop you from being issued a second citation? Remember, you can be issued a citation every time you operate a vehicle on the roads of Texas that has a violation committed within the sight of a police officer.

Jessica asks: My friend was driving her Corvette and she was stopped by a police officer and was told if she didn’t turn down her music, he was going to write her a ticket. She didn’t have any boom boxes in her car. What she had came with the car when she purchased it. I’ve heard that music from some vehicles that rattle items in my home because it’s so loud. My friend’s music was no where even close to that. We just had the windows down singing and enjoying a beautiful day. Now here comes this officer and spoils our day. We think he was just jealous because her car was nicer than whatever car he drives. Why do police officers stop cars without a cause?

Answer: If getting a warning spoiled yall’s day, getting a ticket for loud music would have been devastating. Police officers encounter this quite often and as you know it’s a nuisance to neighborhoods. Many cities have a loud music from motor vehicle ordinance that prohibits music to be heard beyond a certain distance from the vehicle. Just because you don’t have an aftermarket boom box in your car don’t mean you can’t be in violation of the loud music ordinance. Keep in mind you don’t have to clearly understand the words that are heard, just be able to hear the sound beyond a certain point from the source where it’s playing. Is it possible the police officer was jealous over your friend’s car? We may never know, but it’s certainly possible the music was also in violation of city ordinance.

Taylor  asks: My co worker has tinted his whole front window. He thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread and he’s always bragging about NOT being able to see in his vehicle. I haven’t seen anyone else tint their front window, so I’m confused about if this is legal or not. In my opinion, it’s not legal but I’m not sure about what the law says. Is it legal to tint your whole front windshield?

Answer: This is definitely a safety concern to all law enforcement officers across this great state. It’s also a driving safety hazard to tint your whole front window shield. It’s illegal to tint your front window below the AS-1 line or 5 inches from the top of your windshield. This tint must not be lower than 25 percent light transparency. So to tint the front of your vehicle may add relief from the Southeast Texas heat in a parked vehicle, but you will drive at night and your vision will be limited. This can illegally work in your favor in the heat of the day but at night it will illegally work against you. Please inform him today and hopefully he’ll do what’s legal and safe, prompting him to remove the front window tint and make sure the driver and front passenger are not lower than the AS-1 line and 25 percent light transparency.

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