CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Sauce doctoring and some savvy freezer technique 

Published 7:51 am Monday, June 5, 2023

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Sauce doctoring comes natural to me.

It’s just my nature to add a little something to anything. When my daughter passed a remoulade rescue bottle to me, I clocked in.

This famous-maker brand was kind of bland. But my husband liked it OK. He got a serving, but there was still plenty left.

Next round I added siracha, which gave it a lovely “rouge” hue and a distinctive spice for dipping vegetables. There was still plenty more in that little bottle.

If I have to eat shrimp while enduring all this doctoring, so be it. This next round will include a blend of excess ketchup packets, several drops of hot sauce and a sprinkle of spices. I’ll have to get more shrimp for this bottle runs out!

Souper Cubes – Ever hear of Souper Cubes? They’re like deep, luxurious silicone ice trays, but you fill them with food to freeze controlled portions. They are an OCD dream that can save you money and calories.

Imagine neat blocks of little servings or complete meals stacked up in your freezer and ready to go after a long day at work. The couple started this idea from chicken stock, did the “Shark Tank” thing and should be as successful as all get out with this idea.

When I saw it in action, my thoughts went straight to gumbo. You make a big old pot of Cajun delight and eat it for days but you freeze the rest in big containers.

What happens when you just crave a single bowl?

Well I don’t know if I’ve ever had just one bowl of gumbo, but you get the idea. Just get one of a block out.

Food comes out easily and you can cook in big batches without concern you’ll get burned out “finishing” your casserole, etc. Fill a block and freeze it.

Go to for more on just how well-made this product line is. Here’s what tickles me.

I assume popularity is regional. Maybe they freeze clam chowder up north and chili elsewhere. In Port Arthur, I think freezers will be full of gumbo blocks.

Trust the Truss – I guess I wasn’t going Culinary Thrill Seeking in the world of raw chicken, because I never really gave a thought to the term “truss,” which kind of makes people giggle.

Enter Turbo Trusser, as seen on “Shark Tank” and I am some kind of expert on juicy chicken. In moments I tucked chicken legs into the front end and looped wings into the back wires and that chicken was trussed.


To hold in the juices.

I ate that chicken for days and the juices came in handy for other things. I’m an expert now. Do you think you need this metal chicken-adorned plate that goes in the dishwasher and evenly cools your bird? Chicken or turkey model? Then hit and get trussed.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who loves gumbo weather, which is any weather. Share ideas with her at