LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Homeowner questions Orange County appraisal rates

Published 12:16 am Thursday, June 1, 2023

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My name is Patrick Williams Sr.

I have some concerns about “our” Property Tax Appraisal Letter, all of Orange County have received or will.

If you have received your letter, then you can see the large increase in your Property Tax Appraisal. For a small percent you may be excited “(WOW) my Property is worth a lot more in just one year.”

But the larger percent of us is outraged, hurt, fearful or worried, thinking what are we going to do if these large increases do happen.

Because so many families hve not recovered from things like hurricanes, floodings,

tornadoes or simply can’t make improvement on their homes. Because we are concerned about simply keeping a roof over our head or food on the table.

Please remember in the last state governors race, Gov. Abbott said if he got reelected, he would make sure that Texas homeowners and property owners would get a break (as in lower property tax) because Texas had a surplus of tax money.

He was reelected alone with most of that Austin government.

But now the Orange County Appraisal Office has decided to raise the appraisal on all of us because of school taxes, growth of economy, future growth in Orange County.

Please everyone think long and har, if you are a homeowner, property owner, renter or leasing with (No Exemption), this is a bad as it gets for you because there is (NO) fact or reasoning for what they are trying to do.

Matter of fact, Orange County Appraisal is just (Speculating) betting on what is going to happen in the future.

That is like investing in a speculatory stock. A very, very small percent work out. But a very large percent don’t (then all is lost).

Let us remember back to the years between 2006-2011.

The speculation housing growth created a “great” economy. The first seven to eight months in 2006 were good. In later months, the housing market started to go under.

States like Florida and California were two of the main states that caused that.

  1. Homes being over appraised
  2. Homes overpriced
  3. Lender over lend
  4. Remember the flipping of property
  5. Banks went under
  6. By 2011 Wall Street was in bad

Please let us stop this. Protest, Protest, Protest

I want to think everyone for taking the time to read about my concerns. Hopefully you all understand.

YES I have been living here in Orange County for over 30 years.


YES I am over 65.

YES I am a Veteran.

YES I have an exempt.

YES This is about all of us.

YES I feel everyone’s pain.

Most of all we need to compare our appraisal letters. Looking for square feet, improvement, area (Zone) age and landscape.

Once again THANK YOU so much.

—  Patrick Williams Sr., Orange