KATHIE’S KORNER — Be strengthened in 2023 with God’s Word

Published 12:02 am Saturday, April 29, 2023

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I love the way God says in His scriptures that He will strengthen us and keep us strong.

It’s a “no brainer! ” In fact, life is an adventurous, incredible journey if you’re a believer who can listen and read.

It’s all in the Scriptures, everything you need for Life and Godliness … and, it can be joyful, depending on how you view and react to your everyday activities and all situations.

God’s Word says, “For the eyes of the Lord range (look) throughout the earth to strengthen those whose  hearts are fully committed to Him.”  — 2 Chronicles 16:9 NIV. “The Joy of the Lord is our strength.”

Of course it’s a promise with conditions of commitment, but they are not to keep something from you. They enable you to be free with a Heavenly Father who loves you and so deeply cares for you that you need His protection and every shield He has for you.

The “Shield of  Faith” (Ephesians 6:16 NIV) is like an invisible force field (seen in Star Trek, if you need a visual) that is so powerful nothing can get through it, over it, under it or around it, wow!

You can also have the Armor of God or as I call it “Gods Clothes” as you read about His Armor in the scripture, in Ephesians 6 NIV.

I think this information is critical for this time in our lives, with so many issues in our faces at work or in media. There is hatred and ignorance in politics, to church hopping (instead of finding a loving, teaching, stable church home) relationships with division in families and divorce.

I know you can name more stressful things in your lives. Some will pass and sadly, unnecessary, if you have God in control to lead and guide you. Then think on these things from Philippians 4 : 8 – anything true, noble, lovely, commendable, just, right, pure, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy, and the God of peace will be with you.

When Moses blessed the tribes of Israel before his death, he told Asher: “Your sandles will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days” — Deuteronomy 33:25 NKJ.

You’ll be walking on Holy Ground with those sandles. Ask God to come into your life. You will never be the same.

If you don’t have a Bible let me know; kathiedeasy@hotmail.com or come to Church on the Rock-Highway 69 and Twin City. I’m there on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Say howdy and get a hug. Also online – GTCOTR (search Youtube) at 11 a.m. Sundays and Mike Deasy’s Solid Rock Cafe  all over Facebook and Youtube.

Kathie Deasy writes about religion for Orange Newsmedia. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.