Dust coming from Golden Triangle Polymers site means free car washes; check out the details

Published 4:31 am Monday, April 17, 2023

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Heather Betancourth has heard it many times when working with Orange County residents and businesspeople.

There are concerns about dust.

The Golden Triangle Polymers communications lead said plant officials have come up with a way to address the issue: free car washes.

Golden Triangle Polymers held a groundbreaking in March celebrating a planned $8.5 billion Orange County facility that serves as a joint venture between Chevron Phillips Chemical and Qatar Energy.

Startup is expected to occur in 2026, with the Marlex® polyethylene-producing plant employing more than 500 full-time workers.

Dust from the Golden Triangle Polymers site has been an issue for some motorists and surrounding residents. (Courtesy photo)

“Even if you don’t live near the project site, Highway 87 is a major thoroughfare for the community,” Betancourth said. “You’re going to drive through there and probably going to experience the dust.”

In response, starting in May, anyone can receive a free base hit car wash on the first Friday of the month at Grand Slam Car Wash & Lube, 2917 MacArthur Drive.

“This is something we have never done before as a company,” Betancourth said. “It’s a first for us. The team on the ground that is working with the community and the project, it is something we keep hearing time and again. Honestly, the community is really supportive.

“Our team was asking, ‘is there anything we can do?’ We’ve got 13 water trucks out there everyday spraying over a million gallons of water a week and four street sweepers sweeping the public roads around the project site everyday.”

The Golden Triangle Polymers site is located on approximately 1,600 acres across from Orange County Airport.

Construction at the site includes plenty of infrastructure work, with company official noting it’s going to be awhile until there is concrete poured for the new facility.

Dust will continue to be an issue until concrete and grass become permanent fixtures at the site.

“We’re making an effort, but in all reality there is no 100-percent way to contain dust in a 1600-acre piece of land. We thought to ourselves, what are we going to do? Everyone is being so tolerant, so understanding, so we came up with this idea for free wash Friday. It is a neighborly gesture and a ‘thank you’ for your support.”