West Orange dilapidated structure removal continues

Published 12:16 am Friday, April 14, 2023

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WEST ORANGE — Earlier this month, the City of West Orange announced another demolition completed within the city limits.

The clearing took place of “The Old Gingham Shop on Flint.”

“Stay tuned, more to come,” a city statement read.

The area at 709 Flint St. in West Orange is seen after demolition. (Courtesy photo)

When the year began, Mayor Randy Branch told Orange Newsmedia how city leaders had their eyes set on demolishing dilapidated buildings throughout the city.

We currently have a list of 20 structures to be demolished,” Branch said at the time.

There are approximately 20 steps to have a structure flagged for demolition.

First a property owner is informed the structure is out of code compliance, then there’s a process to put the property on the agenda for a public hearing, which includes sending a certified letter to the property owner.

Once the order passes at a public hearing, the owner is informed. There’s a public notice issued, then the city requests and awards a bid for demolition.