Total Impressions tackles entire well-being for clients

Published 12:12 am Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Terri Gauthier started doing hair in 1979, opening the first full-service salon in Bridge City with a handful of hair and nail technicians, some tanning beds and a line of hair products.

In 1998 Total Impressions opened in the newly built Grace Plaza, and in 2020 expanded to include the Cryotherapy Wellness Center. Now it has been named Business of the Year by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce.

“We felt very blessed and honored to receive the award, as there are many great businesses that serve our community,” Gauthier says.

Not just your average hair salon, Total Impressions doesn’t just focus on the external of their customers but their entire well-being.

The salon also sells and styles high end wigs.

“I started doing wigs because I had a best friend and sister-in-law go through breast cancer, and losing their hair was a big hurdle to get over,” Gauthier said. “I knew how important it was for them to find something to make them feel good.”

Gauthier also offers hair pieces for those dealing with medical issues that result in partial hair loss that she says is very rewarding.

“It’s always so heartwarming when I see how excited [the customers] get when they feel like they look good in their hair piece,” Gauthier said.

Gauthier says what makes her salon a cut above is an amazing, experienced staff and warm atmosphere.

“Our technicians love their clients and go above and beyond, making sure they’re taking good care of their clients,” Gauthier says.


One of the ways Gauthier takes care of her clients is by offering Cryotherapy, but what is it?

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as “cold therapy,” is the local or general use of low temperatures for therapeutic purposes and medical therapy.

“I’d heard about it about 10 years ago when my son came back from the military,” Gauthier said. “He was suffering from a lot of pain.”

Thinking it was something that could help alleviate her son’s pain, she began to research, found the service offered in Houston and continued to research before expanding her salon to include the treatment.

Cryotherapy can decrease inflammation and pain and boosting the immune system and metabolism, increasing energy levels and sleep as well as help foster anti-aging.

“So many people are reading about longevity,” Gauthier said. “They want to be healthy longer in life and you’ll always hear about cold therapy as a part of that regimen.”

Gauthier really tries to cater to local athletes due to the pain management Cryotherapy offers, but the therapy, she says, is good for anyone of any age who is dealing with pain.

Lots of people have hip, neck, joint and knee pain; Cryotherapy brings down that inflammation, according to Gauthier.

You can receive whole body Cryotherapy, where you walk into a machine and expose your entire body, minus your head, to vapors that get as low as minus 300 degrees for up to three minutes.

“It reduces anxiety, depression and even migraine headaches,” Gauthier said.

Gauthier also offers local and Cryotherapy facials.

“It really cleanses the skin and helps with collagen production, cleanses pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles,” Gauthier said. “You’ll notice after one session. Customers almost look airbrushed.

“So many people don’t realize we have [Cryotherapy] here and they need to be educated on the benefits of cold therapy and how healthy it is for you.”

Compression Therapy

Total Impressions also offers compression therapy that uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow in the legs and improve blood flow to the heart.

“It helps get toxins out of the muscles, like lactic acid.

Oxygen Therapy

“The average person does not breathe in enough; They’re in a hurry, stressed, wearing masks and that’s toxic,” Gauthier said.

To combat that, she offers oxygen therapy, which is a treatment that provides supplemental or extra oxygen.

According to the American Lung Association, oxygen therapy benefits include decreasing shortness of breath, improving energy levels, better sleep and leads to increase activity.

Gauthier says all of the services offered in the Cryotherapy Wellness Center help detox the body and eliminate inflammation and pain.

Total Impressions Salon and Cryotherapy Wellness Center is located at 1145 Texas Avenue in Bridge City and is open Tuesdays – Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. For more information, call 409-735-3551.

— Written by By Chrissie Mouton