CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Grow your salad with help and special vision

Published 7:37 am Monday, April 10, 2023

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I’m all about container herb gardening.

This could be the year I step outside for lovely cucumbers and squash. Now I’ve got the book and some accessories to enjoy it all.

Reader’s thanks for sharing Culinary Thrill Seeking experiences with me.

Here’s the next installment:

Bee Bath – Smoothie Greens, Spring Stir Fry and Spaghetti Sauce are container garden combos I love. In Southeast Texas, our queso-loving hearts would value big patio pot to grow us some garlic, tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro.

I’d never heard of a Cocktail/Mocktail garden, but I’m all in. This one tantalizes with a Meyer lemon tree, strawberries, mint, basil and thyme.

“The First-Time Gardener Container Food Gardening” shares “All the Know-How You Need to Grow Veggies, Fruits, Herbs and Other Edible Plants in Pots.”

Who is this fun lady? Pam Farley of Brown-Thumb Mama shares the goods on the right pots, how to choose from plant or seed and has recipes for making your own soil that has nothing to do with dirt.

She makes it look pretty easy to get results. You’ll be the envy of neighbors and friends alike. Remember to plant for pollinators. Keep a full bird bath and learn how to make your own bee and butterfly bath.

Get in the Muck – A video on The Original Muck Boot Company will make you want to get up at the crack of dawn to start a tractor, haul logs and care for livestock in the snow. Because you will look fierce, and your feet will be protected and “MUCKPROOF.” I’ll simply be birding and gardening in mine, but never in such a fashionable and safe way. Their new Arctic Sport II Ankle Boot style features hand laid rubber with that is lighter and more flexible, a printed rubber coating over neoprene that is waterproof and abrasion resistant.

This blue boot is really comfortable, even barefoot, and among many new offerings from a trusted brand. Look them up to see what goes into it all. My only previous experience with a “protective” boot was a cheap version acquired after a hurricane.

They didn’t last. These will.  So yes, sometimes you Muck for fun and sometimes you Muck like your life depends on it. Learn more at

Color Your World – My husband and I used to argue about the color of the house we lived in. Let’s skip to the discovery of Enchroma.

Take the colorblind test and find out if you are deutan or protan, pickup up some very scientific phrases and pick from stylish frames.

Users share stories of being instantly wowed by seeing nature, detailed features of their family’s faces, etc. Amazing.

Of course, it’s a different personal experience for everyone, and there is an adjustment season.

His story: My husband tried them out for an extended period while attending an art opening. The colors became vivid and soon he became the “art” as people started chatting with him about what he was seeing and their own color stories. It’s a thing.

People have this. Then he wore them on walks and the grass really was greener. Start your story by visiting and see how life-changing this could be.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who likes to grow her own. Reach her at