ASK A COP — Can I pass a cop when one drives below the speed limit?

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Chad from Orange asks: Let me first start off by saying I respect and appreciate law enforcement officers, but I have one question I’m not sure about. Many times while driving on the highway I have encountered a police car on the road traveling the same direction as I am, but they are going well below the posted speed limit and it seems like a funeral procession behind them because no one wants to pass. Why do police officers drive slowly like that? Are they driving slowly on purpose to see if someone will pass? I’m confused because I don’t want to be the one to pass and get stopped.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Answer: I can’t personally speak for the officers you have encountered on the roads as to “WHY” they are traveling below the posted limit. Keep in mind the normal driving lane is the right lane anyway. The left lane is for passing and left turning. All motorists should strive to drive in the right lane as much as possible. As long as the patrol vehicle’s speed doesn’t drop below 45 mph on the highway and they’re in the right lane, they are legally driving. All I can say is if you pass a police vehicle, make sure you know the posted speed limit and your vehicle speed.

David from Port Arthur asks: My friend and I were discussing a speeding ticket he received a couple of years ago, and he’s determined to believe the officer mixed him up with someone else. His belief is he was traveling in the opposite direction where the officer was sitting in his patrol car. Now I’m not quite certain how police radars work, so I told him I would Ask A Cop. He has since paid a speeding ticket and hasn’t been stopped since. He has become untrusting of police. Can radars catch the speed of vehicles going in the opposite direction while the police car is standing still?

Answer: Your friend is like so many who operate motor vehicles. They are aware of their speedometers but have no clue how the police radars work. The police radar can record the speed of vehicles going the same direction as well as the opposite direction at the same time. There are antennas in the rear and front of police units equipped with radars that are able to check the speeds of vehicles. I always advise citizens if you do not believe you were the proper person charged when cited, go to the court and plead NOT GUILTY! Our judicial system is not perfect, but it allows you to have your day in court. The state, along with the police officer, MUST prove YOU violated a law. I’ve heard too many times if you get a citation you might as well pay it because the court Judge won’t believe you anyway. Tell your friend the officer could have checked his speed going the opposite direction, even though he was standing still facing his vehicle.

Alvin from Port Neches asks: How dark can the back windows be on my truck, and how would you know if it is too dark?

Answer: The state of Texas allows a maximum of 25 percent light transparency of tint on the front driver and front passenger windows. Now the state of Texas also allows motorists to tint the rest of the windows as DARK as they can stand it down to 0 percent light transparency. That’s almost like trying to look in a microwave that’s not on (smile). I don’t agree with this due to the safety of the police officers and the limited vision of the driver, but I only enforce and abide by the law. I don’t make them. So as long as your tint is in compliance with the AS1 line (the clearest form of glass to use on cars) and the front driver and front passenger windows, you can have your tint at whatever percent of light transparency you want.

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