CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Vegans, crawfish lovers and kitchen cleaners

Published 10:08 am Monday, February 27, 2023

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I admire the discipline and creativity of the vegan lifestyle.

This Culinary Thrill Seeker is not ready to convert, because I admire the crawfish lifestyle as well.

This week’s column has tips for all y’all who do either of that, from the most clean and stylish kitchen you can have.

But can you find another vegan? If you had eggplant, lentils and pomegranate, would you think of combining them into one dish? How about a Caribbean twist on okra with sweet potato, coconut milk, cilantro and Scotch Bonnet? I’d try that, a chickpea salad sandwich and Taco Tuesday with jackfruit. Vegans take a lot of heat, especially in meat-loving Texas.

The dishes in “Vegan Cooking For Two” have 200+ mouth-watering ideas, including fig streusel and other desserts. So say you are bold and for your health or what have you find a black-eyed pea salad with peaches and pecans to your liking, the situation could be, can you find the second vegan to dine with? Hey, just call me. I’ll help you. America’s Test Kitchen has produced another winner with “make it a meal” and “level up” notes and explanations on why these combos will work for you.

Butter Boards

Decadent butter boards had their moment, which was maybe a whole week. I never got to try one. I knew it would be too dangerous to make my own. And yet, I have a pretty good idea for Orange County-area Cajuns who love their crawfish. Here’s an idea for your crusty loaf of French bread:

Mince up crawfish tails, Cajun seasoning, maybe some fresh green herbs and onions with a bit of lemon juice and work them into softened butter – or cream cheese. Spread it on French bread and stand back.

Luxury Towels and Clean Cups

I’d never considered I could up my kitchen towel game. I mean they are there for what they need to do. But what is that? Drying, cleaning and maybe covering dough? Towels do the work. My friend hosts family parties with a dishtowel on her shoulder. They’re fashion accessories as well as potholders for her. When Thyme & Sage informed me, I got it. The Cleaner, The Cook and The Multitasker come in sets and I’m loving the elderberry. The most-textured cleaning towel has thirsty loops for counter maintenance.

The Cook has a finer weave for jobs such as lining bread baskets, wringing out vegetables and putting between the pot and lid while cooking rice. Wait, do you do that? Does anyone in Southeast Texas or nearby Louisiana cook rice that? Please let me know if you do, because that was a product suggestion. Anyways, the multitasker has two sides, but you’ll be one-sided pleased with all the colors and designs at

Kuppy is so genius you’d wish you’d thought of it. The simple perforated silicone piece sits on your counter waiting for a hand-washed water bottle or wine glass to top it. Bam, you have a sleek drying rack. Keep it up and you’ll be a pro at regularly washing those hydration bottles so the gunk doesn’t build up at the bottom. Summer is coming and Texans need to drink up. Kuppy is your friend:

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who has her crawfish days, her vegetarian days and her salad days: #culinarythrillseeking and