City of Orange provides easier access to flood risk data for individual properties

Published 12:20 am Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Current and prospective Orange residents and business interests can now more easily access flood risk data for individual properties.

City officials say this makes it easies for homeowners, contractors, insurance agents, realtors and more to learn about the building and insurance compliance requirements associated with each individual property.

“It’s our responsibility as leaders to do what it takes to ensure the long-term resiliency and continued safety and peace of mind for our residents,” building official Marvin Benoit said about the effort.

The recently launched effort is the result of a City of Orange partnership with floodplain management platform Forerunner.

The streamlined flood risk management information provides personal and property-saving data and resources

“The Forerunner software provides easy access to data needed to make informed decisions about flood risk and floodplain requirements,” said Kelvin Knauf, director of planning and community development for Orange.

Susanna Pho, Co-Founder and COO, said Forerunner is built on the belief that preparation is a necessity and to equip resilient communities with powerful tools that help plan for the future.

“We’re so proud to support the innovative work of communities like Orange, which are taking tangible steps to reduce flood risk for their residents,” Pho said.

This resource is available at by searching “Property Floodplain Information” or going to

The City of Orange is actively engaging with special interest groups, including the Board of Realtors, to ensure that the public gets widespread access to and knowledge of this public site.