ASK A COP — What are the rules for carrying a Taser in Texas?

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Germaine asks: Are we citizens in the state of Texas allowed to carry a taser in our vehicles or on our person like a firearm in Texas. If so, what certification is needed? I figured if a gun was legal surely a Taser has to be allowed.

Answer: Your logic makes sense to me, and you happen to be correct. The state of Texas has no current legislation restricting the purchasing, owning, nor carrying of a Taser or Stun gun. You are allowed to purchase and carry a Taser/Stun Gun concealed or openly in your vehicle for personal defense in Texas. The only requirement I can find is the person needs to be at least 18 years of age to be in possession of a Taser/Stun Gun. They are not classified as a firearm in the state of Texas. As with any self defense device, please refer to the user’s manual and carry with caution. See Texas Penal Code 46.01.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Rob asks: I want to thank you for the information last year regarding police radars. Now I’m interested to know about the legality of radar detectors in vehicles in Texas. Can motorists have radar detectors in their cars in Texas?

Answer: Radar detectors are legal in the great state of Texas to have in passenger vehicles, but it is illegal to have radar detectors in commercial vehicles. Radar detectors are legal in every state in this country except Virginia. I must ask the question, “Why” do you want a radar detector in your vehicle? Radar detectors can alert a motorist of the near presence of a police radar that is meant to detect speeders. If you’re not speeding, why would you want to know where police officers that are working to slow down speeders? It always amazes me when I stop a speeding motorist that has a radar detector in the vehicle and they tell me they don’t usually speed. Why get radar detectors if you’re not a law breaking speeder?

Lynne asks: I recently lost my wallet and have searched everywhere. My Texas Driver’s License was in my lost wallet. I am a hardworking woman who works every day and doesn’t have much down time to get my license from the driver’s license department. Since I do have a good driver’s license that’s not expired, can I drive my car until I get my license?

Answer: You advised you are a current Texas Driver’s License holder who is no longer in possession of the license. I’m sorry to inform you, you’re in violation of state law if you operate a vehicle without your license in your possession. Anytime you drive a vehicle on the roads of Texas, you MUST have your Driver’s License with you. Many motorists say they are going to make a quick run, but wind up encountering law enforcement and can’t identify themselves or provide a driver’s license when demanded by law enforcement officers. You will need to log onto the state of Texas Department of Public Safety website or go in person to report a lost license to replace your license. Until you complete those steps or find your license, you will be operating a motor vehicle illegally in Texas!

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