BRIGHT FUTURES — Aidan McAllister raises the flag and bar in Cardinal Country

Published 12:30 am Wednesday, December 21, 2022

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BRIDGE CITY — From making sure Bridge City students get recognized across the community to running with the flags after a big score at Cardinals football games, Aidan McAllister thoroughly enjoys being a part of campus life.

The senior serves on the student body executive board and runs its public relations.

He’s part of the STEM TEAM that is a big boost to students across the district.

He loved his role as part of the cheer staff on Football Friday Nights, in which he was part of the tunnel crew and a flag runner. He has shined as part of Youth Leadership Southeast Texas and is a proud Eagle Scout.

“There is always something to do here at Bridge City that deals with fun and building up the energy of the entire district,” said McAllister. “It’s a school that can put a smile on your face each every day you walk in here. I’m the type of person that likes to make sure everyone is doing well and I do my best to put smiles on faces.”

Student Activities Director Cheryl Royal said McAllister quietly leads student who are around him because he’s so positive.

“He’s the type that will always be the last one in the building or in a class because he’s the one holding the doors open for everyone else,” Royal said.

McAllister, the son of Mike and Maureen McAllister, is energetic when it comes to Student Council projects.

He is responsible for putting across all the information on school and social media sites about up-coming events.

“We organize and plan all of the pep rallies and do a lot of behind-the-scenes things on football game nights,” said McAllister. “The Dress-Up Days are always a blast. We come up with different themes. Some of the Christmas get-ups have been awesome. Our next big thing is getting ready for the Winter Formal in late January. A lot of planning and decorating goes into that, and we’re already throwing around a bunch of ideas.”

Bridge City senior Aidan McAllister brings leadership and work ethic to the Bridge City campus, learning a lot of those skills growing us as a Cub Scout and now an Eagle Scout. (Van Wade/Orange Leader)

The STEM TEAM concept has really intrigued McAllister, and he feels the STEM Bus is going to be amazing.

When completed, it will travel to all campuses and help educate children of all ages and even go to other districts, as well.

“It will have fun things to do, like working with 3-D printers and designs for the older kids and a lot of books and building projects with LEGO for the younger kids,” he said.

The teamwork involved is a plus, which includes a lot of planning.

Information and ideas move to the welding and shop classes, and those students work hard show creativity for the project.

“It’s going to be incredible for the whole district when it’s complete,” he said. “To say I was a part of helping it get started will always be special to me.”

McAllister always enjoyed the thrill of the Friday Night Lights.

He’s part of the group that inflates the Cardinals’ walkout tunnel in pre-game. He also runs with the BC flag to ignite the crowd in pregame and when the Cardinals get into the end zone.

“That tunnel can be a chore sometimes,” joked McAllister. “We have to set it up for pep rallies, games and other functions. It’s pretty heavy to tote around, and it takes a group of us to make it all work. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when the players run through it before a game starts. I get to rush down the sidelines with the flag and get to show my true school spirit.”

McAllister is an adventurer and is on the constant path of soaking in new knowledge and new people.

He started as a Cub Scot in first grade on his way to earning Eagle Scout.

“You learn so much about other people and even more about yourself,” he said. “It’s allowed me to meet so many unique people, and I’ve learned so much stuff and how to utilize handy skills and about leadership.”

McAllister had a blast with the Scouts on a trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in New

McAllister likes dealing with numbers and loves math and science.

His goal after graduating is going to Texas A&M to major in finance.

He would love to be a financial advisor to help people with their money and how to plan strategies.

McAllister is looking to ignite the student body as his senior year starts to wind down.

“I went to St. Mary School in Orange my first eight years, and the experience there were really great. They helped me get set on a great path,” said McAllister. “I will always be grateful that I started my freshman year at Bridge City and to graduate from here. The way the teachers and administration care about the kids and how all of the students get along, that has made it special. Sure, it is still school, but here at Bridge City we have so many people that create ways to make everything fun. That is what I will always remember and cherish. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year has in store, and I can’t wait to be right in the middle of it.”