CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Holiday breakfast options for fun tastes

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Christmas mornings have offered me quiet alone time for the past several seasons.

I’ve come to count on my ideal breakfast of aromatic coffee with an egg and a side “slab” of my friend’s bread. Every year she starts to baking for myriad family and friend sets and each year I secretly hope I’m still on the list.

Sometimes it comes in stages with fudge, a back-door trop off of haystacks and bars and at some point, the banana nut bread.

I save this to experience for alone time on Christmas morning. The bread must be cut into thin slices, so you “get more” on your fancy little holiday plate.

Though I use about a stick of butter in a year, I must have some on hand. The holiday bread must be grilled in butter.

This year Brenda shared some eggnog and there was a tad left in the bottle.

She knew I save bottles for flower deliveries and crafts. I told her I’d also drain that dab of nog into a bowl and whip it into an egg breakfast.

Unusual, but she endorsed the idea. Now I’m sharing with you, it was a good one.

Gumbo Season – The Pompano set out some slap-your-Mama gumbo at the Mid-County chambers’ mix-and-mingle.

A Christmas Eve gumbo is my family’s tradition and we’re not alone here in Cajun Country.

While women are often in charge of the kitchen, I started thinking about how many men in the room would aspire to a gumbo as good as the one I was having. Many a Southeast Texas gentleman boast of their gumbo accomplishments, with good reason.

I called The Pompano manager the next day and he affirmed it was Chef Shannon Thomas who created the chicken and sausage masterpiece I’d enjoyed. Let me also mention, people spoke ahead of serving on how good the potato salad would be. Right again and I guessed the big ol’ bowl they set out must have weighed 50 pounds.

There’s a reason The Pompano is a local tradition.

It’s also Amuny’s sandwich platter season. I made a delivery and the business owners offered me some of their spread. I took just one, because I was directly headed to a holiday luncheon. Fortunately, the second stop also had an Amuny’s spread. Win-win.

Red Pantz sounds like a Santa thing. Stretch your imagination beyond that to a woman naming her company after the time her luggage got lost, and all she could wear to an important conference was her red yoga pants.

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Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie wishing you happy holidays. All of them. Reach her at