Trooper honored for action, compassion at LCM student wreck scene

Published 2:25 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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Superintendent Stacey Brister and the LCM Board of Trustees presented Trooper Jesse Bodiford with a Safety on the Move Award at this month’s regular board meeting.

The award was given in recognition of the action he took July 27, assisting five LCM students who were involved in a motor vehicle crash.

In addition to a plaque thanking him for his quick and compassionate response and his skill assessing the students’ injuries and securing necessary medical services, a Bleeding Control Kit donated by Meadows Medleys is being placed in one of the district school buses in his honor.

Safety on the Move is a collaborative effort between LCM’s health services, transportation and maintenance departments.

The program was developed by Kelly Meadows, director of health services/LCI school nurse, and was implemented in 2022 by the district as part of ongoing efforts to provide a safe and healthy work and learning environment for students and staff.

The goal is to outfit all district-owned vehicles with Bleeding Control Kits and add Lifevac Choking Rescue devices for vehicles that transport children.

Vehicles that transport wheelchairs will have a third measure of protection in the form of fire blankets.

According to the manufactures of the Lifevac Choking Rescue devices and Bleeding Control Kits, this is first time they’ve been approached by a school district for placement of their products on school buses, making LCM’s Safety on the Move an innovative project.

In addition, the project is funded solely through grants and donations.

Transportation personnel have already received training on the use of the Lifevac Choking Rescue devices, Bleeding Control Kits and CPR.

Maintenance will receive training once their equipment comes in. For questions regarding the Safety on the Move program, please contact Kelly Meadows, RN, BSN.