Published 12:06 am Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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The ICY Donuts sign caught my eye and I had to drive in.

I love the breakfast eggrolls they bring to chamber of commerce events. I’ve already bragged about their food but had never been there in Groves in person.

Jennifer Chang set me up with “one of those eggroll things” people love.

The skin is so delicate and crispy. Then there was the hot, fruity tea they’re known for hit. It hit the spot on a windy day.

She also coaxed me into a fritter, which is already my favorite.

I think all those menu offerings have the extra ingredient of “love” mixed in there.

Ms. Jennifer’s super-friendly face is just one more added bonus.

Groves foodies, you are so lucky.

Now consider these holiday mood makers:

Let’s get Latin – Movéo is Latin for “to move” and the name of a company that has brought straight-up style to resistance bands. I’m rocking a mermaid pattern and there are artsy florals, peaches and (I couldn’t do it) junk food styles.

They just feel good in your hands and you won’t mind popping one out of your bag just so people will ask about it. Style and function on much equipment/accessories, with an attitude that everyone of every size ought to feel better about getting fit is what you’ll find at

Thena – Turmeric and colloidal oatmeal I get. The arnica in Thena Natural Wellness products threw me. I looked up the daisy-like flower from Europe, used for bruising and found it’s also call wolf’s bane. It’s the stuff fairy tales or made of, but Thena uses very natural stuff to treat eczema and a host of other sink issues. connects you to reviews from satisfied users and I’m another from the feel-good foot balm soothing from tea tree, eucalyptus and lemongrass.

Mighty Good – Superior dippability may be provable (and I’d be happy to try) but Zack’s Mighty Organic Tortilla Chips do have a “first” claim regarding regenerative agriculture. That’s a combo of conservation and rehabilitation that begins with soil and involves crop rotation, so Zack waited a long time to get these chips right. When I made turkey nachos with Thanksgiving leftovers, I dipped to him. They’re mighty corny, from heirloom stock; mighty sturdy from being a rested tortilla first; and come from mighty land. I was super proud to enjoy the lime and the sea salt versions. Nacho style, I’m coming for you. Learn more at

Devoted to Freshness – At the end of the day it’s a culture and lifestyle, says the creator of  Devoción coffee. At the beginning of the day it’s fresh beans from Columbia to your door in as little as 10 days. They haven’t been sitting around for months in a warehouse. I’ll spend extra morning moments grinding this batch until my bag is empty. It’s a time of awareness and gratitude that’s worth it. I’m savoring Holiday Blend with notes of mulled wine, blueberry and dark chocolate. shares the beany journey.

Plant puff – Have you ever touched a soft, cool petal to your skin? The Japanese Organic Konjac Face sponge puff is like that, because it’s from extracts of konjac plants of Yamamoto Farms in Japan. Full of minerals and antioxidants, it cleanses and exfoliates in the freshest way. They’ve been doing this for a hundred years because it works. Something different, once activated with water, keep it in a lidded container in the fridge. Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie happy to sample all the flavors of the holidays this season. Converse with her via