CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Gather the family, always with this help

Published 2:18 pm Monday, November 14, 2022

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We think of Thanksgiving as the time to round up the family.

We used to do that at nearly every evening meal. You can “ad-rib” a spontaneous dinner, hear about the kids’ school days, play with flavors and create, with a little planning.

In “Eating Together, Being Together” Julian and Caroline Clauss combine recipes, fun and great relation tips.

Tips and fun facts help future foodies get curious about how that food got to their homes and how it will turn up on their plates. There’s a bunch on salad and why some people think they don’t like it. Who would not like their “Salad with Bits?”

They can consider how cheese tastes at various temperatures, practice saying the colors of their food in different languages an watch their avocado pit grow.

Are you disguising foods to trick eaters? (Some times but it’s for a grown man.) This family prefers choice over deception and has tips on how to get a kid curious enough to try new things.

I’d join this family for dinner any day.

Sisters are Doing it For Themselves. Maybe you remember that ‘80s beat. The Painterland Sisters pose in flowy dresses on a tractor while enjoying their organic yogurt with billions of probiotics.

I was sold on that fun spirit. Thick and creamy Icelandic style skyr invites you to “honor nature” from their sustainable farm to your bountiful table. Or to your on-the-go lunch box.

I think I feel more refreshed by the third spoonful. Meadow Berry is my top pick of 5 great flavors. Learn more at

If your Thanksgiving prep wipes you out, retire to a great night’s sleep with LectroFan Micro2, a sleek portable cylinder ready to relax you with “fan” and ocean noises.

Think you know white noise?

This portable baby has pink and brown noise, too, and you can travel with it. Visiting family who like the TV cranked?

Say hello to your little fan. I’m a true fan. Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie ready for Thanksgiving abundance and joy. Share ideas with her at