CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Does this sound funny to you? Nope for Nope.

Published 7:08 am Monday, November 7, 2022

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I was drinking Nope while watching “Nope.”

Cans of the fruit/herbal non-alcoholic alt-tails are for the “sober curious” and hangover haters. The movie is a neo-Western science fiction horror film. Got all that?

Mango Margarita with Jalapeno is my top pick of the line at This will lead to a round up of great goods with unusual names and uses. See if these “taste” funny to you

Label-wise, I could have chosen the cute fox on the lavender scent, but I chose scary Krampus essential oil incense for the “winter aroma of frankincense, woods and holiday spice.”

Sea Witch Botanicals is impressively natural and committed to the environment. We invited an incense connoisseur to “breathe plants not plastic” with us and he picked up on the clove and patchouli in this small batch blend and went right to to dive in.

Chop too many onions for the big family dinner? Dig till you drop in the garden? Those hands need some balm. You’ve had, and you need, Week From Hell. It’s a funny name for a serious cracked skin salve. There’s other good stuff in the Walton Wood Farm line to transform your skin and attitude. Rough hands, you’re going down. Learn more at

Leather Honey cleaner and conditioner goes on smooth and has made it fun to restore my favorite wallets and I’m moving on to purses and furniture. New to me, this has been on shelves since 1968 and was tested on postal carrier soles. The treated one lasted twice as long. Heirlooms, you’re getting supple for the holidays. Learn more at

A mushroom flashing me the peace sign is not how coffee was once marketed. If you want a cup that does “wunders,” try some gut refreshing, anti-aging mushroom coffee from Wunderground. The tone is light, the aroma and flavor are great and the message is healing.

Little stickers of creatures enjoying the coffee are whimsical. That octopus may want more than one cup. Several flavors await at and if this is already too much change, don’t worry about the non-fungible token. Just enjoy the mushies.

Manta Sleep knows a good night’s rest is a game changer and their wide array of sleep masks show that. I’m trying their stylish blue-light blocking glasses while working at the computer and I just learned you can watch TV at night with them to help transition to a better sleep. Get the melatonin flowing. I’ve heard people rave about them and I’m seeing why. Reviews on Manta (like the devil ray) can be found at

Hemp has popped up in my socks and soap. We could talk of butter of triphala, but maybe it’s more interesting to mention the hemp seed oil that helps give Hemp & Herbs such a smooth, natural feel and scent. This block feels natural and earthy good. Learn more at If you’re only into Arvin Goods to say your stylish, comfy socks contain hemp biofiber then you’re some kind of …. Friend of the people? That’s what Arvin means in Arvin Goods.

Sure it’s funny to say you have weed socks, but hemp fibers aren’t new. These socks are rocking it with great fit and it looks like they’ll hold up a long time. Made for you, worn for good is the “designed in Seattle” company’s deal. See what they’re up to at Pear makes compression socks kinda sexy, even if you’re pregnant.

Also in sock news: When healthy meets style, you should get a pair – or a Pear. See, funny name. I love they support me and the “Be Kind” stitched right in these designed in Canada and made in Italy pieces at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie out for new experiences. Email her at