CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Great sports-related snacking tips for Astros victories

Published 6:35 am Monday, October 24, 2022

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Not noted for my sporting knowledge, I can certainly get behind fan support and of course, the goodies.

I actually went to an earlier church service so I could see more of this past Saturday’s Astros game. The popcorn was ready to go at my house with a nice Parmesan topping, and I made cocktails in orange and blue.

I sliced up orange bell pepper to tie it all together.

Readers, if you’re willing to share the hits at your house on game night, I’d love to give our readers here.

Type them up and send them to my email, below. Let’s get thrill seeking!

Box of Fall – The Chief Gift Guru at Eku Box can handle the rest of the year for you, but I’m gonna share the secret. The “anatomy of these knock-out gift packages is “’use plus keep plus eat.” So For the Love of Olives includes keeper plates, a usable wooden board and the eatable oil.

The list goes on and your set for gifting and hosting. I’m blown over by a fall box with cookies and candies and a lidded candle that looks like orange cut glass. It’s the keeper for me. Herbal sprigs and ribbon make it look over-the-top fancy and get this, there’s a note informing that even the bubble wrap is made from recycled content. to the rescue.

Movie Credit Good – You stay past “the end” to watch movie credits, right? You’re often rewarded with a tease for the next edition of a story. At the bottom of a Sam’s Famous Salsa carton, I found this message: “See? We told you it may be addictive.”

I’d eaten it all in one sitting, but that’s not behavior uncommon in Texas. It’s extremely fresh and satisfying on its own and you can also try it on: eggs, burritos, chips and guac with rotisserie chicken, chicken noodle soup, as a marinade, etc. The family recipe is from the Tarahumara Indian Tribe with Hispanic, Latino and Native American flavors. Get yours at

I Do – The question is A strive toward better health inspired Ooh La La Skin Care’s creator to incorporate fruit, green tea, honey, etc. into butters and cleansers that are “Made with Nature. Blessed by God!” Who doesn’t want that? One of those butters is saving my lips this season.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie still trying not to say Super Bowl when she means World Series. Reach her at