PASTOR MOFFETT — We must uncover why our children are not excited about learning

Published 12:02 am Saturday, October 8, 2022

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Education, learning, development? What is it that causes our children not to want to learn?

What happens when they don’t care about learning, education or any other higher-level learning platforms?

It hurts my heart to the core when I speak with children and they sound as though they have given up hope in becoming successful in arenas besides drugs and banging.

I truly am amazed at how little of a sense of urgency our children have for education. It appears they don’t understand what the true value of education and learning is.

This is what’s crazy, our children have the great ability to learn. Just ask them to set up something on a computer, laptop or I-phone, and they’ll have it done in a matter of seconds.

So, the concern is not their ability to learn, it’s the excitement and urgency to do so.

How do we get them to embrace the concept of success, which is birthed through education?

In order to get a job digging ditches, run a backhoe or front loader, one needs at least a certification. To be a flagman, one needs to be certified. To acquire a job that’s going to pay a middle-class wage, one is going to require some sort of certification.

As parents we inherently teach our children the basics. How to dress, how to tie shoes, etc. But are we teaching them the value of learning?

Yes, we are in the world of I-phones, but are we teaching the paramount principle of comprehending?

We ourselves use Google or YouTube to find ways to do things. Our children are no different. But again, what makes them not want to strive to learn more?

Where are we as parents, as a society going wrong?

I do understand that we have a great percentage of children who are taking advantage of learning. When one just doesn’t want to learn and participate in education, well, that’s one too many.

I do believe we need to impart the urgency and excitement of learning into our children when they are young. To set up family lineage support groups to rally around them if there’s a subject they struggle with. Also, to create a home environmental excitement for learning.

Let’s celebrate those academic accomplishments to boost our children’s self-esteem in the classroom. No matter our age, we will embrace that which we are excited about.

Let’s not assume that our children will be excited about learning. Let’s cultivate that mental model. Let’s strike a spark that will cause there to be a burning desire to study and learn.

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

Pastor De’mo Moffett, MSM, BSCJ is the senior pastor at Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace. Email him at