Meals on Wheels fundraiser helps feed Orange; see how you can help the cause

Published 12:30 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Meals on Wheels is hosting a barbeque link and chips sale fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday at First Financial Bank, 912 N. 16th Street in Orange.

Delivery is available for preorders of 10 or more items, or customers can pick up food at the fundraiser.

Email for large pre-orders.

“The funds from the link sale will go directly back to OCAA, Meals on Wheels,” said Kristin Burman, executive director of Meals on Wheels. “We will use the funds for our monthly groceries to feed the senior citizens of Orange County. We need the community to support Meals on Wheels.”

Orange Community Action, OCAA, is a visible advocate in providing comprehensive and coordinated services and opportunities so older and disabled adults can lived dignified, independent and productive lives.

Meals on Wheels clients are 60 or older and homebound because of illness, disability or lack of mobility.

Many have difficulty shopping or preparing meals and do not have family or friends to depend on for regular meal support.

“We are a nonprofit organization ran strictly on grants and monetary donations,” Burman said. “This year, with the increase in everything from paper goods to fuel, and especially groceries, we have had an extremely difficult time making ends meet. Every single donation helps. When we do have fundraisers such as the link sale, please come out and support us.”

Meals on Wheels received an approved annual resolution from Orange County last week, with organizers saying they are “forever grateful for the support from Judge John Gothia and all four Commissioners.”

Burman took over as executive director in February with plans to keep the organization available to the community.

“What I love most about this program is that it is a vital part of our community,” she said. “We have hundreds of elderly citizens and disabled that we serve daily. We visit with them, feed them and ensure their wellbeing. We even bring them food for their cats and dogs if they are in need. I love that they consider us the highlight of their day.”

Burman says OCAA hasn’t really gotten into fundraising, but is now planning on having an annual event such as a luncheon or gala.

“We need to raise a large amount of funding,” she said. “Not only to expand but to keep the program going.”

Meals on Wheels has a community café at its location that caters to the elderly.

“Anyone over the age of 60 can enjoy a meal for a small donation,” Burman said. “The Southeast Texas Transportation is also under our roof, and you can catch a ride for $1 one way, so call us or come by.

Meals on Wheels is located at 103 5th Street in Orange.

For more information, call 409-886-2186.

— Written by Sierra Kondos