ASK A COP — Is driving in bra and panties only legal?

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Sal from Bridge City asks: My question is in relation to my girlfriend driving in her panties and bra. Sometimes my girlfriend will go jump in the car to go get something to eat from a drive thru restaurant and just have on her bra and panties. I am worried that is some kinda of indecent act against the law in the state of Texas. She’s not bothered telling me I need to chill. I’m not insecure, I just don’t want her to get into trouble. So is a bra and panties OK to go pick up food in a drive thru?

Officer Rickey Antoine

Answer: I don’t see a law in the state of Texas that your girlfriend is violating but the law of Sal’s house. On a personal note, I would NOT be happy with such behavior from someone I was involved with, but that’s your prerogative. There’s nothing unlawful with your girlfriend going to the drive thru in her bra and panties via vehicle. Many will question the morality of her doing so, but there’s nothing law enforcement officials can do about it because being in undies in public is not an offense in the state of Texas.

Kevin from Nederland asks: My wife is not very tall, actually she is under 5 feet. Every time she drives her car, she puts the seat belt under her armpit because of her height. Our daughter, who took your class at a driving school, just told her putting a seat belt under her armpit is illegal. But she is adamant as long as she has it clicked and on, it is legal in the state of Texas. Can you help clear up this issue between the two ladies in my life. Who is right, my wife or my daughter?

Answer: I must say I applaud your daughter for her attentiveness in my class and being proactive in protecting her family as they travel on the roads. I always tell my students you will be more educated on laws regarding the Texas Transportation Code than their parents who have been driving before they were born. Your wife is wrong, and your daughter is right about the proper seat belt usage in a moving motor vehicle in Texas. No one is allowed to alter the proper way to wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle. If you place the shoulder strap under your shoulder, you are in violation of state law. The state of Texas agrees if you don’t wear your seat belt right, you don’t have your seat belt on at all. It is all about safety for you and passengers in a motor vehicle. Wear your seat belt every time, all the time. Know your daughter was right and allow her to get something nice, because she may have just saved your wife’s life. Tell your daughter I said job well done!

Brick from Port Arthur asks: I whole heartedly support police officers and think it’s sad the state of this country is regarding our police officers who serve and protect. I recently visited my cousin who is not a resident of sSoutheast Texas, but he lives up north from us in Texas. I rode with him to the store and he was using hand signals to turn. I asked if his bulb blew out. He advised “yes, about two months ago.” Of course I went to the “Ask A Cop” mode and advised he should get it replaced. He told me he wasn’t financially able to repair what’s broken so he uses hand signals until he can. I thought all signal lights were supposed to be in working order to drive on the roadway?

Answer: This is one of those questions that a motorist can circumvent the law.

You are correct. State law says that ALL manufactured outside lamps provided on your vehicle needs to be functioning correctly. But the state of Texas also allows motorists to use hand signals to notify intended movement that a vehicle is stopping or turning right or left. There is no time limit in the Transportation code that states what period of time a motorist can operate a vehicle using hand signals. I can only guess the time limit will expire when your cousin needs a state inspection, hand signals won’t suffice there. If the vehicle signal system is not working properly that agency will NOT pass the vehicle and in turn the registration/inspection ONE STICKER system will block his vehicle from obtaining a current registration. If his vehicle isn’t currently registered he can receive a citation for that even if he is using hand signals.

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