ASK A COP — Can police officers hide to catch speeders?

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Cy asks: Is it legal for police officers to be HIDING behind buildings or trees to catch vehicles speeding? I always seem to spot a police vehicle with its lights off on the highway or side of the road just sitting there, hiding in the darkness of the night. Why don’t they turn their lights on and catch people the fair way. In my opinion, hiding on the side of buildings or trees is not fair.

Answer: Yes, all the aforementioned behavior is 100 percent LEGAL in the state of Texas. I believe your focus is on the wrong party. In my opinion, you and all motorists should concentrate closely on following the laws relating to the Texas Transportation Code instead of focusing on if there are law enforcement officers in the area. The only people who constantly look for police vehicle are those seeking to break laws! It doesn’t matter if the officers are in plain sight or concealed. If you are following the law, they shouldn’t stop you. The problem exists when a police officer observes a motor vehicle on the roadway of Texas commit a violation against the Texas Transportation Code.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Pamela asks: Is there a grace period for the insurance expiration date that’s on the insurance card? I work a lot of hours and often get behind on renewing things I know I should.

Answer: There is NO GRACE period for expired insurance cards. A common mistake I observe is motorists don’t realize the end day of their insurance card expires at midnight. So if your insurance card expires on 9/26/22, your card became invalid as soon as it turned 9/22/22 today, not at 11:59 p.m. Now your insurance company may look at it differently, but law enforcement officers have an option to issue a citation or remind motorists of the expired insurance card. But with technology today, if you have a smartphone, you can always have an updated insurance card on hand, as well as a quick way to pay for your insurance without having to go to the insurance company. Law enforcement now has access to the state of Texas Insurance and we are able to determine within five seconds if your car has insurance coverage.

Gary asks: I was a reluctant student of a Drive Safe seminar you taught for my company in Beaumont a few years ago, and I’ll be honest, that’s the day I became a safer driver. I was at an intersection the other day while my husband was driving, and we saw a car make a U-turn. My husband got so angry he hit the roof. I didn’t know the answer either and we were a little reluctant approaching a police officer to ask this question. Is it illegal to make a U turn at an intersection?

Answer: In Texas, it is NOT illegal to make a U- turn at an intersection if it can be safely done. Of course, the U-turn must be performed on a GREEN signal ONLY! So tell your husband he can fix the dent he put in the roof of his vehicle because making a U-turn at an intersection is OK in Texas. Keep in mind, if there’s no sign on the roadway that says NO U-TURN, it is permissible to make a U-turn.

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