KATHIE’S KORNER — Practice is important in fight for no more bad days in 2022

Published 12:04 am Saturday, August 13, 2022

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As I reflect on 2021, I had some uncomfortable days and nights regarding storms of all kinds.

So damaging to our physical and mental lives when we dare to, let fear in, but it all passed and good days were promised, ahead, thank God Who is always there!

God’s Word is full of good things to do, think and say. My favorite passage is Philippians 4, to remember to put all of our joy in the Lord, then it overflows all around us, beginning at home.

“Think on good, positive things: whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and commendable, and anything excellent or worthy of praise.”

Practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

It’s important to practice. You get better and better at what you practice. Make sure you’re practicing the good, right way to do or say something, not practicing the opposite.

I decided to not just look and pray plainly at the words, but decide what they represent to me. For instance, the truth is Jesus, His eternal Word  –  lovely are my daughters, always bringing a smile to my face when I pray for them, daily.

Think in pictures what those words mean to you and it will fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and prayers, plus, all the time you’re praying the Word.

So, always seek to do good to one another and to everyone.

My husband, Mike, and I rent a remodeled, 47-foot shrimp boat for nightly or weekly rates.

People come from all over the country and beyond to see and be a part of this unique rental.

We are on the river with lots of fishing and crabbing, and peace and quiet or nearby shopping and restaurants if that’s your choice, but, our reviews and comments are always about the “kindness and goodness” shown to them by being friendly hosts.

Kindness is a very powerful gift and part of my husband’s Godly character — Jesus, once again making a peaceful path for our lives!

So, plan to have “good days” full of adventure, hard work and serving in your homes, and church, with kindness, doing your part in making a difference in this world.

Kathie Deasy writes about religion for Orange Newsmedia. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.