Mooney Boys Jiu Jitsu team racks up medals in Houston event

Published 12:02 am Friday, August 12, 2022

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Competitors from all over the world showed up for the Grappling Industries Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Houston this week.

Nine competitors from Mooney Boys Jiu Jitsu represented Orange County, accompanied by head coach Marshall Mooney and assistant coaches Noah Flynn, Erin Ayers and Justin Lambert.

The Mooney Boys team competed in 40 matches, bringing home three gold, seven silver, and eight bronze medals. The Competitors ages ranged from 10-19 years old, with three competing in the adult divisions.

“This tournament was an incredible opportunity for growth and learning for the coaches, athletes and parents of Mooney Boys,” said Mooney. “The sportsmanship displayed in both victory and defeat by our athletes was admirable. I couldn’t be happier about the effort made by our competitors, the support shown by our parents and the sacrifices made by our coaches. Our athletes train extremely hard, and they laid it all out on the line this weekend showing tremendous heart.”

Erin Ayers, a 17-year-old recent graduate of Vidor High School, competed in the women’s bracket, dominating her opponents and bringing home two gold medals. Two of those matches ending by submission. Ayers is known around the academy as the “Boy Killer” and currently holds a purple belt. She has been training for nine years and is an assistant coach at the academy.

Ayers loves the experience of the sport.

“I’m so grateful for these amazing women who came out to help not only me but help themselves get better. Through all the blood, sweat and tears I can truly say that Jiu Jitsu is my sport,” said Ayers.

Noah Flynn, a 17-year-old senior at Vidor High School, has been training for 10 years and holds a Purple Belt. Like Erin, he is an assistant coach at the academy.

“The tournament was a blast, it was great to see how much the kids have improved,” said Flynn.

Noah Flynn competed in the men’s adult bracket, taking home two silver medals.

Seth Carpenter, a 19-year-old Mauriceville resident who is attending Blinn College, competed in his first tournament. He won Silver in his Gi competition, winning one of his matches by an Ezekiel Choke. In No Gi, he won two of his three matches by submission, bringing home a gold medal.

The Adult matches can be viewed on Mooney Boy’s YouTube channel; MooneyBoysBJJ.

Here are the Mooney Boys results of the event:

Noah Flynn: Silver, Gi Adult Male 170 pounds; Silver, No GI Adult, 170 pounds

Erin Ayers: Gold, Gi Adult Female Master (30 plus), 170 pounds; Gold, NO GI Adult, 170 pounds

Seth Carpenter: Gold, NO Gi Adult male, 145 pounds; Silver, Gi Adult, 145 pounds

Ryker MacFarlane: Silver, NO Gi Kids, Intermediate (Grey), 10-11 years, 125 pounds; Bronze, Gi Kids, Grey, 10-11 years, 125 pounds.

Lane Jones: Bronze, NO Gi Kids, Intermediate (Grey), 10-11 Years, 65 pounds: Bronze, Gi Kids Grey, 10-11 Years, 75 pounds

Wyatt Gericke: Bronze, NO Gi Kids, Intermediate (Grey), 12-13 years, 125 pounds; Bronze, Gi Kids Grey, 12-13 Years, 125 pounds.

Hayden Eickenhorst: Bronze, NO GI Kids, Intermediate (Grey), 10-11 years, 95 pounds; Bronze, GI Kids, Grey, 10-11 years, 95 pounds.

Dylan Eickenhorst: NO Gi KIDS, Intermediate (Grey), 12-13 Years, 145 pounds; Bronze, Gi Kids, Grey, 12-13 years, 145 pounds.

Seth Huish: Silver, NO GI Kids, Beginner (White), 10-11 years, 105 pounds; Silver, GI Kids, White, 10-11 years, 105 pounds.