CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Cutluxe is a cut above ordinary 

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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I know people are always complaining about their home knives. Once I tried good ones, I understood all the pressure I’d been applying for a less-than-satisfying cut.

A good slice is enjoyable in the making and your home-grown vegetables, which deserve no less than superior presentation.

I’ve been using knives that were wedding gifts from 30 years ago. Many chef-quality knives are very expensive and some blades are pretty amazing for a very affordable price.

Cutluxe has an Artisan Series with pakkawood, and offers tech terms such as full tang, German-forged steel and talk of degrees.

I’ll “cut” to the chase to go on about the Santoku and slicing-carving knives I’m trying that tackle recalcitrant meats and melons to my daily jalapeno with ease.

They are ergonomic and a pleasure to use. I’m chopping/dicing smaller now,  because it is so much fun. Even salsas look better.

I’d venture to guess these knives are a vast improvement to those most household cooks use daily, and they come in $30-$40 ranges and up. Other series in this line are equally attractive, and you may have a hard time choosing. But I can’t wait to carve the Thanksgiving turkey but I see lots of bell peppers and onions in my future before then.

Blue + Yellow – Everybody at the religious study group was talking about how much they loved parings of blueberry and lemon. If you think your computers are listening, they must have good taste.

The next day I saw woman-owned Rule Breaker Snacks created the limited edition Blueberry Lemonade version of soft, plant-based snacks without the top 11 allergens. But, with real blueberries.

I got some quick as I could and they put me in mind of at treat of my youth: Blueberry muffins at Luby’s after church. I think they are that good and they are for sure a 2022-adult version that is very good for kids, too. Learn more at

Steeped – The people at Steeped Coffee have doubtlessly earned countless merits since Culinary Thrill Seeking has last touted the freshly-ground, nitro-sealed single serve bags.

Dunk, steep and go with great flavor. Did you know there was a specialty coffee expo in Boston? How could one sample at each station?

I’m betting the Breakwater Blend organic French roast was a fave. These bags are conversation starters, travel companions and game changers.

You don’t have to go to Santa Cruz to get yours. Take Your Moment at

Fava Fave – My Taco Tuesday fused with a Meatless Monday with a box of Upton’s Naturals Fava Bean Protein Crumbles. You recall what a fictional character proposed with fava beans?

The vintage mustachioed gentleman on the box is straight out of Chicago, and created fave crumbles that give you the flavor and mouthfeel of taco meat. They are “Vegan for a Reason” and these went nicely into lettuce wraps for an easy, fun meal. H-E-B can hook you up.

Check out for plenty more ideas.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie “cutting up” with the best. Share your flavors with her at