BRIGHT FUTURES — West Orange-Stark’s Josh Sterling pumps up classroom success with prayer

Published 12:30 am Saturday, August 6, 2022

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WEST ORANGE – Looking to be a prime example on and off the field as the 2022-23 school year arrives, along with the football season, is West Orange-Stark’s Josh Sterling.

The burly junior is anticipating making an impact on the field as a guard for the Mustangs, while also taking his talents to the classroom.

“I love athletics, but the No. 1 thing above all is getting an education,” said Sterling. “That should always out rule sports.”

Sterling has always had his focus on the academic end.

He ranks near the top of his class and is involved heavily in the National Honor Society.

“I was so thrilled to be able to get in the National Honor Society. It just shows how much the hard work and effort I put into my studies has paid off,” said Sterling. “I’m excited to be a part of the group and look forward to doing a lot of things with them all year long.”

Sterling feels you have to be responsible for getting school work accomplished, adding it has to be something you want to do.

“I tell the younger kids, you really have to stay focused, go to class, listen to the teachers and coaches, because we have a lot of teachers here that care and want all of us to succeed,” said Sterling. “Nothing is ever easy. You have to work at it and have the heart to do it.”

Sterling credits parents Darlean and Joseph Sterling for a lot of his approach to school.

“My parents have always been great about stressing school work, ever since I was in elementary,” said Sterling. “As long as I can remember, it was homework first, then TV or meeting with friends. We have always prayed a lot, too, about everything, and that can help anyone get down the right path.”

Sterling likes all of his classes for the most part, but he does have two favorite subjects – English and Science.

“I would say English is my favorite, for sure,” said Sterling. “I have loved to read ever since I was a little kid. To me, reading is knowledge. Science, that’s more of a busy subject where you can learn a lot about the world and how it changes. It’s really fun.”

Sterling stays busy throughout the year with his academics. Besides football, he is also involved in powerlifting and track. He does have a few hobbies when he finds the time.

“One of my favorites is looking at different cars and their styles,” said Sterling. “I’m really into Chargers and Camaros.”

Mustangs Athletic Director and head football coach Hiawatha Hickman enjoys everything Sterling brings to the table.

“Josh is just one of those mild-mannered kids that gets it done,” said Hickman. “He knows where his priorities are. He’s a model citizen and just a joy to be around. All of the kids love him. He’s someone you can tell the other kids, ‘follow the lead of this guy, he’s doing it right.’ I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes, because the sky is the limit for him.”

Sterling is anticipating a great season for the Mustangs as he looks to be a “busy body” in the trenches.

“We’ve put in so much work over the summer,” he said. “Coach Hickman really has us pumped up. I can’t wait to put the pads on for real and get ready for our first scrimmage next week.”

The Mustangs host Woodville in their first scrimmage Friday.

Sterling is ready for school to start and has a positive message going in.

“Pray. Prayer is always strong,” said Sterling. “We need to be believers in all things, stay positive and good things can come your way.”