See how scholarship award boosts local woman toward Certified Veterinary Practice Manager status

Published 12:12 am Thursday, August 4, 2022

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It is always a joy to get to see someone receive what they need to be successful in the field of her choice.

DeAnn Thompson, practice manager for Bridge City Animal Hospital and lover of all animals, has found the career she wants, but getting back to college to earn the demanding professional credentials and certifications required to work at the top of her field as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager seemed financially out of reach.

She and her husband, who is recovering from a recent cardiac surgery, are raising two elementary-aged children, and they knew even a few semesters of books and tuition would almost take a miracle.

Thompson found exactly the miracle she needed to boost her back onto the path to success in the form of a $2,100  check from P.E.O. International’s Program for Continuing Education.

She was the perfect candidate for this grant program. She needs only a couple of semesters to complete her educational goals that she had set aside in order to care for her family.

Local P.E.O. Chapter CC sponsored her application for this one-time financial aid, and when this door for funding opened, the company that employs Thompson saw an opportunity to take advantage of her proven work ethic and the advanced certification she would soon receive by adding a few management skills from the corporate side to allow her pick up staff training skills for the expanding company’s new veterinary offices.

Gail Showalter, a P.E.O. member and known champion of women struggling to make their educational dreams come true, identified Thompson as a solid candidate, ready to make the most of this financial blessing.

Today, P.E.O. members are pleased to congratulate Thompson and present her with a certificate of merit to celebrate the new horizons she is moving toward.