CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Support the arts by eating pralines

Published 12:12 am Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Becky Guidry at Museum of the Gulf Coast can’t stop talking about pralines.

And fans can’t stop buying them. MOGC’s gift shop is already brimming with Janis Joplin T-shirts, local books and other cool swag.

Now Trinity Pralines & Things, which have a local tie, is getting all the talk. I didn’t think Becky would let me leave without buying some.

Of course, she was right about the creamy bites of heaven. She keeps selling out, so make plans to get out there.

Steven Franklin of Baton Rouge served two tours in Iraq, got a job in Port Arthur, met his wife in church and now works in Houston.

He returns to attend Harvest Time church on Sundays, and his passion is making pralines, according to Becky.

Now he’s making Butter Rum. Call 409-982-7000 to make sure someone didn’t beat you to them, but remember, there are countless more reasons to visit the Museum.

More Crunch, Less Waste – I’m admittedly obsessed with food-saver containers and I can rarely relate to people who say they have to throw rotting food out.

There’s something new I’m loving. Veggie Saver looks like a pouch sewn from … a straight up, old fashioned cloth diaper.

If you have an issue with that image (which conjures up natural fibers and love of Mother Earth) then you may have an issue with eating your veggies in the first place.

My jalapenos and radishes have found home with carrots and bell peppers and they are happy. And fresh.

You are to keep this pouch moist and in your crisper drawer. Then you are to eat your loot. Now I keep going about my daily business thinking, I can’t wait to go check on what’s going on in the Veggie Saver. I have not been disappointed yet. I’ve been crunching. Learn more at

That’s Not so Nutty – Some folks just shouldn’t eat the very foods that make others so happy. Health reasons. Fortunately, the people at Parma have taken a good thing and made it better for a target audience.

Best part, it tastes great for all of us. Parma is vegan Parmesian “dust” that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling on eggs, popcorn, ‘taters, etc. Just shake it on and enhance the flavor of just about anything. Walnuts gave texture.

It helped foodies who could not process cheese or wanted to go vegan. Now there’s a nut-free pumpkin-seed based line with flavors Garlic Basil and Jalapeno Bacon Vegan Parmesan.

Insert a “WHAT?!” here.

I really love this stuff. If you are allowed to get nutty, Chipotle Cayenne Parma, Garlicky Green Parma and Better than Bacon Parma can be your friends. Learn more at

Spice Cubed – If you have a crush on garlic or ginger, join the club.

Little cubes of these crushed spices pop right out of Dorot Gardens freezer packs. If it was peeling and chopping that was keeping you from going gourmet for dinner, just keep some of these handy.

Convenience is an appreciated thing, and the flavor is intense. These things are so crazy easy that I just had to mess it up.

I’m used to “defrosting” but the beauty of these babies is that they pop out so easily when they are just pulled from the freezer. Try it yourself at

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who always listens to what Becky Guidry at Museum of the Gulf Coast has to say. Reach Darragh at