CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Get your flavor with sriracha, more

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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Have you been affected by the sriracha sauce shortage?

It’s a big deal to go without your favorite heat. In my case, people started sending me stories on shortages due to a rough growing season.

Restaurants are limiting packets, and even one of our own local Vietnamese stores has a one-per-customer sign in the bottle section.

This is serious. Fortunately, my favorite go-to is Tabasco.

But now I’ve been craving sriracha like crazy. The flavor and even the sight of the bottle makes me think of fun times.


#greatonanything is on a Bushwick Kitchen dish towel, adorned with the famous bottle’s silhouette.

My first real bite of Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha was a chopped raw jalapeno. Pepper on pepper and I liked the crunch of the raw with the sweet of the sauce.

Later I considered my main dish: stuffed bell pepper. It’s like a good representation of the pepper family was invite to this meal. Learn more at

And now for something completely different, as the folks from Monty Python say:

Another Use for Olive Oil – If your lip & cheek tint expires at the same rate as summer, you’re on track. Because Mason Grove Farm uses fresh ingredients such as East West African shea butters, tallow, beeswax and jojoba, olive and daikon oil. It’s yummy and so fresh you should use it in three months. Slip this simplicity in your beach bag. Learn more at

Poke A Dot – Obsessed with organizing your crafts or makeup? Poke A Dot keeps tubes, brushes and compacts in little spaces you create. Stick slots in the holes and you’ve custom-designed your own kit. What a control-seeker’s dream. Folks at are on task with this sleek box ideal for travel. It’s durable and stackable.

Okay to be Diffused – I love health stores with aromatherapy diffusers going full blast. I haven’t found the right recipe for a knockout blend to permeate my home, but I have found a very nice diffuser. The Everlasting Comfort wood-look is shaped like Jeanie’s house in “I Dream of Jeanie.” Go for the colored light show. This big-ol’ magic bottle holds lots of water for a longer run time. We’re all trying to keep calm these days. This relaxing tool helps with focus.

Type Away – I’ve just now acquired the luxury of the Everlasting Comfort mouse pad with memory foam wrist support and a longer wrist support for my keyboard. It makes a difference and feels fabulous. Just wipe them clean with a damp cloth when needed. I’m gonna say, these feel of a high quality but don’t cost that much at all. Maybe I look smarter with cool , but it’s the saving-of-the-wrists that count. It’s another winner from

Furry Friends in the Kitchen – A dog I’m related to got an impressive rub with the Furzapper Glove. With a single stroke of the “nubby” silicone glove, fur that wasn’t connected to the actual dog, came up on the glove and there was more after that. Best yet, dog mom said, it also worked on furniture, such as the couch and kitchen table legs. It will make her feel better about her furry friend checking on dinner. Consider what it will do for your car… and know dogs love a sudsy bath massage, too. is the source. The box says the glove is good for horses, but I’d keep them out of the kitchen.

Like a Thinking Cap – I’ve decided I don’t care if I look a little weird wearing The Headache Relief Cap. It feels GREAT! It keeps in the freezer and I’m wearing it to keep a cool head during yardwork, even if I don’t have a migraine. If you see me, honk, because I’ll feel good. The form fitting gel cap can be frozen or warm. It snugly fits your head like a hug. You can put it down over your eyes if you want, or use with oils. It’s your own thing, TheraICE Rx knows what they are doing and you’re probably going to be rid of that pain really fast. It’s naturally easy. Feeling great is what the makes the wearer stylish. Learn more at 

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