ASK A COP — What is the driver’s license grace period?

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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Frank from Port Arthur asks: I’m planning on going out-of-state soon for a birthday trip, bt my driver’s license will expire on my birthday in October. Is there a grace period in Texas for the renewal of driver’s license? Will I be legally operating a motor vehicle during my birthday celebration if my license expire while away?

Answer: Your Texas issued driver’s license WILL expire on the date that’s printed on the card, and there is NO GRACE PERIOD for driver’s license expiration. If you are away enjoying and celebrating your birthday when your license expires, I’d suggest you get a driver because, YES, your license will be expired. Right now, time is on your side. The state of Texas allows you, and ALL its citizens seeking to renew a driver’s license up to two years before they expire. So, don’t wait for the expiration date of your license to renew your license. The state of Texas will allow you to do it NOW!

Officer Rickey Antoine

David from Port Arthur asks: I’m a little perplexed about a recent encounter I had with the police! I was traveling on the road and met two police cars going in the opposite direction. I must truthfully admit I noticed at that time I was going over the posted speed limit, but they didn’t stop me. So, what do I do? I conveniently set my cruise control that’s installed in my vehicle. But, to my dismay, I was pulled over a little further down the road by a different police officer. He told me he was informed by the first officer that I was speeding.  I was always told if the officer doesn’t catch you when you are speeding, we are off the hook. Is this procedure or have I been bamboozled?

Answer: First I must say, you CANNOT out run the radio. You bring up a valid complaint among many motorists. The police officer who observed the violation does NOT have to be the officer who stops your vehicle and issues you a citation. When a police officer observes a violation, time is on the officer’s side as to when he shall issue the citation. Officers often radio other officers and advise them of what they observed. The other officer now has probable cause to stop said vehicle and issue a citation on the statement of another officer. Along with that, ANY law enforcement officer in the state of Texas has two years from the date they witnessed a Class C misdemeanor to issue any person a citation. They can contact the appropriate court and have you subpoenaed to answer a complaint that could be a year old. So if you don’t violate the Texas Transportation Code, you have nothing to concern yourself about.

Edward from Port Neches asks: My wife and I travel to Houston at least two weekends out of the month to visit our granddaughter. On our way to Houston on Interstate 10, the speed limit signs don’t seem to mean anything. Everybody on Interstate 10 going and coming from Houston is speeding, including ME! How am I supposed to drive if EVERYONE is speeding?

Answer: Speeding in a motor vehicle is one of the most common traffic violations committed daily on the roads of Texas. Now, Edward, keep in mind that just because everyone else is speeding, it doesn’t make it right for you to speed. It is your responsibility, as a licensed motorist, to always obey the laws set forth by the state of Texas Transportation Code. If you head back to Houston and find yourself following the crowd, I would encourage you to move over to the right lane and drive up to the maximum speed limit, given the weather or road conditions. I always pose this question when asked about this: If everyone was stealing out of a store, is it OK for you steal? Of course, it’s not OK TO STEAL!! Left lane driving should accommodate all of the law-breaking speeders. Remember, if you’re not passing another vehicle or preparing to turn left, you should NOT be driving in the left lane.

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