CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Personal picnic items for the sea wall to the backyard

Published 5:00 am Monday, July 11, 2022

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A little backyard picnic spread and a good book is a great way to recharge.

I call it a personal picnic. Here are some things you could invite:

I caught the Fyre Festival documentary on the failed luxury music festival on an island where ticket holders were expecting seaside dwelling and fine foods.

Instead they got emergency tents and foam boxes of subpar sandwich fixings.

I think if they all got a swag Daydream Towel from Nectr, patrons would have been a little more chill.

Makers of the unique ridged skinny drink cactus cooler holders make a thin-yet-absorbent big beauty that looks like a Persian carpet.

You’d be some unimaginative nincompoop if you didn’t pretend you were on a flying rug. You can “fly,” or relax, at the beach, pool or couch.

This towel will support you on Culinary Thrill Seeking adventures.

Learn more at

“Watercolor Snacks” – Maybe you are already “that avocado girl” who can paint up a half avocado with that pit peeking out that’s just ready to become your guac.

Maybe your artistic skills go all the way past avocado toast to gooey grilled cheese and even pizza with fresh basil.

But you want to also become that enticing woman who can also draw up a fresh-baked croissant, bacon and eggs and a short stack of pancakes. Sushi. There’s always a new variation of that, right?

“Watercolor Snacks: Inspiring Lessons for Sketching and Painting your favorite Foods is the publication you want to pull out of your summer reading bag.

Volta Voloshin-Smith has found a “recipe” for blending Cadmium Red Light into your Ramen Bowl painting, circling the meatballs over your spaghetti and toning those ice pops into images that will give you beauty brain freeze.

I like way she thinks. Pour yourself a glass of wine, then paint it with her tips. Learn more at

Turmeric is trending – From a root that looks like a creepy crawly to a golden powder in travel pouches for coffee, smoothies, hummus and angle hair, Fiji Joe Turmeric is making me re-think this spice.

Gonna say, it has not historically been my fave. That is probably because the little jar in my mom’s rack was probably 20 years old when I first opened the lid in the ‘80s.

Yeah. Let’s blame mom. They just weren’t talking about all of turmeric’s health benefits from preventing inflammation to restoring hair vigor.

And smoothies were just not what Mom served her family. But she was always on for culinary thrill seeking, so I think she would have been playing around with what Fiji Joe brings to the table.

Or the little pouch perfect for summer travel. One pouch allows you some for coffee and later tea as the day goes on. offers testimonials and a view of something I can’t resist: a pretty jar to recycle.

Update: I baked a sweet potato and sprinkled turmeric on top and blended it in with a schmear of butter. Results: Colorful, flavorful health on a plate.

Sunny Days – It would be better to apply Maui Vera mineral sunscreen and sunburn and after sun gel in Hawaii, because it’s a reef-friendly formula. Okay, we can enjoy The Healing Touch of Hawaii here just fine. In fact, aloe, peppermint and noni is a cool infusion you can rub in just to sit on your patio in this heat. Coconut, aloe and avocado are in the sunscreen. The sun is natural, but it can do a number on you. Go to nature to get healed and email

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who suggests eating outside eat least once a week. Share your experiences with her at