Orangefield band members rocking at Percussion Camp

Published 12:30 am Saturday, July 9, 2022

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ORANGEFIELD – Athletes have been busy at their respective schools, working out hard and preparing for their upcoming seasons.

However, the same thing bolds true for area bands as so many band students have been doing their best to master their craft throughout the summer months.

In just a couple weeks, everyone will see that bands will be going at it hard, marching on scalding pavements at times, getting prepared to march on those balmy Football Friday Nights.

Orangefield band members were busy this past week, many of them participating in Percussion Camp. It’s been a blast for them.

“We’re busy all through the month of July for sure,” said incoming sophomore Cassidy Childers. “This week is all about the percussions. Just next week, we’ll take a little time off. Then we will have a flag and officers camp and then we’ll be having a lot of marching practices.”

Childers has had a busy summer.

“It’s been crazy, I have been working out for basketball and volleyball too and I’ve pretty much been up here with band every day,” said Childers. “I just love being up here with my friends and I just try to get better at every5thing I do.”

Fellow sophomore Emily Sullivan has been having a blast and trying something new.

“I always played the clarinet, but I have moved over to percussion and it has been so much fun,” said Sullivan. “We love to make a lot of noise, that’s what makes percussions so special. With this camp, we’re putting it all together and becoming more organized as far as what we play and when we play. It’s been awesome.”

For both Childers and Sullivan, they just enjoy the camaraderie of representing their school, no matter if it is a concert, a contest or a football game.

“Every time I come up here, no matter what I’m doing, I feel part of a great family, that’s what makes Orangefield so special,” said Childers. “The Bobcat Band, we’re going to be awesome again and can’t wait for that first Friday night. The thing about our school is that everyone roots for one another. It doesn’t matter if you are on the football team, basketball team, drill team or band, we are all one big proud family.”

“I love being in the band because we are so tight-knit and that goes for just being a Bobcat too,” said Sullivan. “We’re a smaller school, everyone knows each other. So many of us are related too. It’s just a special place. I can’t wait to play in front of that football crowd for the first time this season, it’s always a great feeling.”

The Bobcat Band will get to march in front of their fans for the first time Friday, Aug. 26 at home when the Bobcats welcome in the Bridge City Cardinals for their home opener.